Costa Rica OUTLAWS Vaxx Mandates Ahead Of Trudeau Visit

On the first day of his new administration, incoming Costa Rican President Rodrigo Robles retracted any and all COVID vaccine mandates, for both public and private workers as well as children. And soon thereafter Canadian Prime Minister and noted vaccine mandate advocate Justin Trudeau arrived in the Central American country via private jet, strolling onto the tarmac without a mask.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss how unsafe Trudeau must have felt during the time he spent in a country without a vaccine mandate!

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  1. Costa Rica is simply is an awesome place and by far, the best country in CA/SA. Everybody in the US that likes nature should visit. Kudos to the new president (center right guy) for giving ppl back their lives and rights. US politicians, take note! Yes, they're kind of socialistic in some ways (govt healthcare and govtred tape) but very democratic and socially conservative (old fashioned) in many other ways. They have no Army yet, violent crime rates are low in comparison even to the US. Secure your belongings though. The country is stunningly beautiful, ppl care a lot about its natural beauty, and it shows. As with any other place, there are issues but nowhere near other countries in the region. They're also very welcoming to foreigners, specially us 'Americanos', long time allies (is frowned upon to call us Gringos, which is a demeaning term anyways). The cost of living can be affordable and you can actually retire here comfortably on a 3K mo budget if you wanted to and if your standard of living is moderate and consume mostly local products. The more $ the better of course and helps a ton if you know the language. Food is delicious specially the coffee, OMG, the coffee, lol. I own an IT consulting firm and have offices there so essentially, half my employees are 'Ticos', as they endearingly refer to themselves. Definitely on my list of bug-out places if shit hits the fan in the world. Aside from eco toursim, agriculture and beef are their major industries so perfect place for all you preppers out there, lol. Costa Rica is one of the few countries where 98% of its energy comes from renewables, mostly hydroelectric and geothermal. I'm no tree hugger but that's simply commendable. Electricity, needless to say, is very very cheap. As they say down there, Pura vida!

  2. Fascism is the path we are taking to totalitarianism, not communism. Just look at the rampant income inequality and the marriage of government and the oligarchy. Plus a critical race theory to boot.

  3. the dictator black face enthusiast trudeau on another country acts like a small fluffy rabbit, in canada he sent police to steal fuel from truckers, shut down protestors and make police on horseback trumple old ladys… damn, those canadians are so weak.

  4. JT stepped in it by enacting the Emergencies act. Umm private jet thing is petty, all presidents fly private it's not an issue. But omicron should have been the end to any mandate but he kept testing when flying which was also a dumb move. He'll be gone next election.

  5. Imagine if he implemented a law detaining first world Dictators ? I'd risk my bank account being frozen for sending a Go Fund Me to Costa Rica to ensure JT has a one way ticket

  6. Didn’t he say that you’re a racist, misogynist, domestic threat if you don’t get the vaccine? How could he go to such a dangerous place?

  7. In related news, the second in command Canadian Chrystia Freeland's grandfather was a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator. Chrystia posted a video of her waving the Banderas Nazi banner at a rally for Ukraine here in Toronto.

  8. I really don't know what"s the problem with masks. Most people look better when they're wearing them… In addition, in closed and crowded public spaces, masks should, yes, be mandatory even more than seat belts in cars, as a matter of common sense, respect for others and love for life. As for vaccines for Covid-19, they should be OFFERED to everyone, of all types of technology that exist, so that the person can choose which one seems more reliable.

  9. NOT a private jet Jimmy. Also. The first aircraft broke down so we sent another one. These are government aircraft. Why wear a mask outside? Save the nitpicking for bigger fish. And FACT CHECK!!! Don't be one of ''Them.''

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