Could Australia’s DYSTOPIAN Lockdown NIGHTMARE Come To The US?

Krystal and Saagar react to the dystopian covid lockdowns taking place in Australia and the chance these authoritarian policies come to the US

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  1. The Australian people have finally had it. 19 months of lockdowns, and it was reported the gov't shot the dogs that were going to animal shelters. Then telling people they can't go out and watch the sunsets!

  2. It’s just a matter of time…when the vaccine numbers don’t increase the way the government hopes post FDA approval, there will be drastic lockdowns during the winter…and likely half the country will support it and blame it all on the unvaccinated while completely ignoring the efficacy decline of the current vaccines and breakthrough cases

  3. It's killed 1 in 50 of us who've been infected. The protesters attacked the police. The lockdowns are keeping our medical system from being over run. The federal government failed to order the vaccines needed. It fricking sucks but lockdowns aren't worse than death.

  4. Staying indoors has always been the worst thing you can do if you are trying to not get sick from a virus. Viruses thrive in summer and winter because people seal up their homes and rebreathe the viruses over and over. Each time you ingest the virus, it begins reproducing all over again.

    Keep in mind- these people making these decisions are the ones who still support BMI to determine obesity and think fat causes people to get fat. They are running on old, wrong medical beliefs.

    The leaders of the west are just evil. Let's call them what they are- evil. They love how the CCP run things in their nations and think to themselves, "Hmm… that would make our jobs so much easier if we did that too."

    And the tech sector people… you.

    "Just following orders" -Legacy/Social Media and tech sector employees who spy on and report citizens for not going along with edicts

  5. With Biden and the insanity of the current Democrat establishment I'd say this is the most likely scenario. Get ready for violent protests and a more divided America than ever. Such wonderful leaders in this country that set only the best examples.

  6. Piers Morgan was NOT censored! He left the show in a strop because of the backlash he received. UK media isn't perfect, but American media is HORRIFIC ?????