Could Brexit lead to a second Scottish independence referendum?! (4k)

If recent polls are to be believed the heat has being turned up a notch to give the Scots another bash at an independence referendum. An IndyRef2!

In 2014 the Scots voted by a margin of 55% to 45% for Scotland to remain a part of the United Kingdom.

But many things have changed in the last six years.

The main change being that, after being told that voting to remain in the UK was the only way to guarantee Scotland continuing to be a part of the EU, they suddenly found themselves being dragged out against their will after the 2016 UK-wide EU referendum where Brexit won the day.

Add on top of that ten years of a Tory party UK government and the scene is set for the mainly EU loving and essentially left-wing population to feel aggrieved.

And the backlash has surfaced in the form of two recent polls that put Scottish independence firmly in the driving seat.

Will Brexit lead to a second Scottish independence referendum!

Will Holyrood win Scottish Independence?




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Image of Le Le Redoutable: by W.Rebel (CC-BY-SA-3.0) via Wikimedia Commons.

Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. please , please , please , please , have their referendum and bugger off . we can make better use of the Barnett money , and all the regional grants , you know , those grant that allow the sweaty socks to deliver 50% more per head in public spending than the uk taxpayers , who pay the taxes that keep them so comfortable . they'll be missed about as much as a raging arse-ache .

  2. The Scots talk of being fast-tracked back into the EU, have they any idea how long it would take to disentangle themselves from the UK. Unfortunately, this departure will be little more complicated, "It ain;t plug and play " anyway by the time they were independent the EU will no longer exist.

  3. I suspect the SNP will win with a comfortable majority next year in Scottish election with both Labour, Lib Dem and Conservatives losing almost all.

    That will give the SNP power to hold referendum without needing permission from Westminster.

  4. I keep hearing one reason for the acceptance (to the point of encouragement) of the migrant influx from mainland Europe is that they are part of the planned globalist New World Order, a proponent of which is the EU, so favoured by Sturgeon. If we were to remain tied to EU rules then we would retain the right to return them from whence they came: why would they be in favour of that?

  5. Time for England to go its own way and be in direct compilation with Scotland. Can't believe i now feel this way but bored with Scotland and the never ending independence question.

  6. Every comment on this video: "hehe… let england vote if it wants to keep scotland ?"

    "WWWAAAAAAAA!! i'm tired of scotland moaning ?"

    "getting rid of scotland will save us billions ?"

    Yeah, cos scotlands blasting the treasury into a fucking bullet train that'll never be finished? If you want to save money try voting London out.

  7. I, too, am a Unionist. I would be sorry to see the break up of the UK which is over 300 years old, but I am getting fed up listening to Mr Angry (Blackford in the Commons) and I honestly can't stand the sight of that woman, Sturgeon. Maybe it's time to let Scotland get out of the UK. Hopefully Brussels will take them back. They'll have to use the Euro as their currency to join the EU, erect so-called hard borders, (after all the EU want to protect their single market and customs union.) Brussels can make up the shortfall in their economy rather than Westminster and the UK tax-payers will no longer have to subsidize their third-level education. They seem to prefer the corrupt EU. At least we won't have to suffer their nastiness once they've gone

  8. Let the jocks be set free, they are a constant drain on the Union. Let’s see how they manage without the massive handouts. Sturgeon has already screwed Scotland. We want independence from London yet want to be dictated too by unelected officials in The EU., that makes perfect sense.

  9. Brexit and Scottish independence are the same thing nobody wants to be governed by another country it’s hypocritical for Brexit supporters to not support Scotland in gaining independence

  10. Scotland Independent and free??????? However we should keep OUR nuclear deterrent by holding onto the submarines and keep the base in Faslane. We will need to ensure our territorial integrity is never breached again ESPECIALLY from the south. We should have no hesitation in using them if needs be. Scotland Arise !

  11. Scottish independence is not independence at all, it is a farce. The SNP want to join the EU who they have nothing in common with, language, euro, hard border with England, CAP and CFP , free movement of people from Europe, financial migrants, asylum seekers, ruled from Brussels and have to pay for the privilege of being told what and when you can do it. Absolute lunacy.

  12. I`d rather the U.K. stayed together, but if the non-English countries have a majority vote to have their own Independence, then that is their right. However, they might be asked what sort of Independence they want, true Independence or just any Independence from the old system ? The latter mainly seems to be what the SNP want, claiming their Independence by leaving the U.K., only to lose it again on becoming part of the E.U., as their only viable alternative.

    Do any of these countries, (Scotland, Wales & N.I.Ireland), think they could make a go of things, as a truly Independent country without being part of the U.K. or the E.U. or any other alternative ? If not, are they really voting for their Independence, in the understandably emotive sense or just anything but the current U.K. system ?

  13. Yes please. I want to be seperate from the such an exremely racist country and not just the SNP. I am so fed up with the racist bias and when saying something being to that it me who is at fault and cannot take a joke!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 1 thing the 1st Indy ref exposed, was that all the politicians south of the border are actually on the same team & all soap opera, more like modern court jesters. Insane asylum run by the insane. If England perceive us to be some sort of landmass costing taxpayers then they wouldn’t have conspired to sabotage it at the last minute with lies. Better in a union for who exactly if Scotland is costing uk too much money & Scotland wanted to leave ?

    If we regress to more barbaric times, wee cranky would beat boris the bumbler in hand to hand combat

  15. United we stand and divided we fall. The only thing that will sink Great Britain is the rotten career politicians driven by power..They go straight from university in to politics have no experience of running anything except when it comes to claiming expenses, I wouldn't trust them to run a bath, and the next thing you hear they worth millions and the Labour party are full of them but nobody knows where it came from funny that. I should imagine the likes of Sturgeon, Blackford and co are no different I sincerely hope the Scottish people don't fall for their blather.

  16. It was a once in a lifetime vote, not a vote which can be swayed either way by the whim of 10% of the population. Furthermore, Herr Sturgeon will ensure a never again vote.

  17. Independent Scotland then re-join the EU Is that independence?

    I personally do not see the wisdom in becoming independent and re-join the EU.

    70% of their exports are to the rest of the UK. Scotland will have to contribute to the EU. Give up their fishing rights. Over half the oil has already been extracted. Become the one of the poorest countries in the EU like Greeks. Lose all the revenue from the UK military. Loose their very lucrative contracts building British warships have to contribute to the EU army [which incidentally includes a nuclear deterrent. Have to accept the Euro. Be governed by the most powerful members the Germans and French. Be unable to help government funding to save vital industries and employment. Be a very small fish in a very large pond/ocean. All the decisions made by the EU would most likely benefit the most powerful within the EU and that will not be the Scots They will have to set up a hard border between Scotland and England and obey EU laws. The people who will pay for all this will be the Scots

  18. What a lot of old debunked nonsense, I think your hatred of the Scots and personally their First Minister shines. You sound like a talking clock. So much of your guesswork is just so wrong. Stop misinforming people.

  19. I'd honestly be happy if English people started making noise for Independence. Westminster would be all over that in a heart beat and therein lies the problem with the Union, it's supposedly a "Union of Equals" but it has never been such. The voices of Scotland, Wales & N Ireland constantly fall on deaf ears, that is the reason why these polls are starting to all head in the same direction towards a breakup of the Union.

  20. Thank you Jeff as usual you're post just like Boris visits will boost the case for an independent Scotland, your a diamond ?Free England from those poor, weak and stupid burden on your green and pleasant land. Ps keep up the great work love Scotland ??

  21. I think thevrestbof thevUK should have a teferendum to see ifvwe wzntbtonget rid of yhevwhoning scots thoughbknow the scots they'd vote to remain just to wind up the English who try to votecthem out

  22. George Galloway isn't an mp? Scotland and England are only joined by a legal agreement, the union of the crowns which a Scottish King enacted. King James IV of Sotland englands James I created Great Britain through the Act of Union. In my opinion and 55% percent of other Scottish people, It's time for a review!

  23. If they want to leave,let them is it such a big deal?…..when they are sitting at the big E.U table and everybody has welcomed them on board,someone will tap them on the shoulder and ask them apart from whiskey and shortbread and religious bigotry what are you bringing to the table….erm erm!!?