Could Evergrande’s Collapse TANK the Global Economy?

Could Evergrande’s collapse tank the global economy? That’s the question being asked around the world as one of China’s largest real-estate development companies goes into freefall. Evergrande has buried itself under an unsustainable amount of debt, and it’s hard to see how it will be able to dig itself out. All eyes are on Beijing to see whether the Chinese government will step in to rescue the failing giant. If not, Evergrande’s crash could tank the global economy, much like the financial crisis of 2008.

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  1. This is like the 10th time they said China has banned Bitcoin. Never happens, don't think its will. The whole news about Evergrande is a sad one for anyone in the financial stock market.

  2. With the possible collapse of the Chinese real estate market and now the banning of cryptocurrencies
    Are we going to get a surprise devaluation of the Yuan?

  3. So be like Americans: just turn on the Yuan presses like commie comrades to prop up their capitalist donors will billions in loans that wont ever be repaid. Who let these people in the stock exchange anyway?

  4. Here's some fun financial advice courtesy of rich dad radio, the stock you need to watch to be predictive of how top investors (the shadowy figures of mutual funds and corporate stock trading) will behave is Apple. When the big stocks start failing and falling, Apple is the new kid on the block, and the one they will hold until the end

  5. Reminds me of Hitler and his Volkswagen Beetle program. Collect money from the public, promising one thing.. but really using that money to found his war plans all along.. 🤔

  6. Global Economy Global government falling apart…….
    This is the very reason we should not be placing all of our eggs in one basket (AKA one government/economy/people… etc). If that one collapses we all fall back to the stone age.

    P.S. As a side note the instructions found in the first book of the bible gives specific instructions for the people not to remain in a single one world organization. Who ever gave that instruction sure was one smart puppy… Gee, I wonder who that was??? And when we chose not to listen he made us disperse anyway…..

  7. I was in the east and I always felt like you guys were right. Then I came to the west and realized there is a strong need for a superpower in the east that can give a tight slap to the countries in the west, to balance the power in the world. I hereby unsubscribe you guys.

  8. Of the $19 Billion in international investments, hardly any of it is actually in the US, Chris. The rest of the idiot world with China, yes. This will NOT be another 2008 crash, where we definitely screwed up.

  9. "The King has no clothes." The boy says, and the town wakes up. CO2 is plant food and what they breath – it's a good thing. Global warming became Climate Change – heads up, our climate is dictated by the SUN NOT CO2 (WATER VAPOR IS MORE OF A GREENHOUSE GASS THAN CO2) We and the plants and animals need CO2. The best thing that ever happened to the Human Race is fossil fuels. We are Carbon Based lifeforms. Sure, eliminate pollution, but burn that coal, reopen those pipe lines, drill more wells – ARE YOU ALL NUTS?

  10. Evergrand- the Tofu Dreg construction of the world finaincial market. Can China do anything that doesn't fall apart? When will the world wake up and stop relying on China?

  11. You're mis-stating what's underway. The collapse has been triggered by the CCP — and its shifting rules for Red Chinese real estate dealings. These happened months ago – but received absolutely trivial coverage in the Western Press. The CCP largely shut off real estate sales. Year over year, sales for the ENTIRE sector are off more than 50% — to say the least. THIS is when Evergrande's cash flow crisis got serious. For some months, the general media and public were not 'hip' to just how severely the industry's cash flow had dried up.
    Evergrande is merely the first of the industry to fall on its financial sword. 
    The ENTIRE industry must surely follow. Sales — that generate closure cash flow — have cratered for every other player, too.
    The CCP has stopped the seriously wealthy from piling onto — and into — the Red Chinese real estate Ponzi. Yes, the CCP has cracked down on folks that have too much real estate. These are, for the most part, CCP members that got into the Ponzi early on — years ago. 
    But like every Wong and Wang, they have no other place to park their winnings. Now they are REALLY invested in flight capital.
    But entry-level Red Chinese real estate prices are now so extreme that they make the Western Everything Bubble look rational.
    So, that market is losing its Ponzi-entry base — AND — its Ponzi-winners are compelled to exit — illegally shifting their cash out of the CCP money-prison.
    Such is the dynamic of a Great Depression… in its earliest stage. Forget Evergrande — look at the macro-flow of CCP idiocy.
    At the end of the process, it'll be astounding if the CCP is still standing — if it still has the mandate of heaven. (Strange for atheists.)

  12. 2015 sure was a strange year for evergrande.
    Revenue decreased by 20%, but profits increased by 17%, and profit to shareholders decreased by 17%.
    Equity quadrupled somehow (its mostly car park spaces lol). Total revenue is tiny compared to the companies value.

    They doubled the debt. As usual.

    Only a third of profits and equity went to the shareholders. It seems that like an iceberg, most of evergrande is hidden from view. The whole company is literally 3x bigger than we think.

    They have been "selling" apartments on land that has a 10-20 year lease. Fun times ahead.

    They own a bank, which is highly likely to be insolvent now.

    They have been manipulating the share price using options, share repurchases and issuing new shares.

  13. Historically people have submitted to totalitarian rule during a crisis, including a financial collapse with people in bread and soup lines, etc. because they believed that it would rescue them. Such a collapse would be caused for just such an end, once again, by those in secret societies wanting to undermine our society and gain control with our cooperation and submission to their control.