Could Finland Joining NATO Lead to War with Russia?

In this clip from PRIMO RADICAL #269, political analyst and radio host Garland Nixon shares his thoughts on the prospect of Finland joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), whether this might lead to a military conflict with Russia, and more generally whether NATO is willing to engage Russia’s military.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. According to Dem. Steny Hoyer, "We are at war" already. The MIC won't back down. Fossil fuel corporations aren't going to give up and try to save us from climate disaster. Time to hit the streets. p.s. thanks for giving Mr. Nixon a voice. Good points he makes.

  2. It looks like the EU is now forced to accept the gas for rubles plan . Countries are now beginning to realize the cost they will endure to satisfy the wishes of a few . Cracks will form from empty promises made . Eyes opening around the world .

  3. Finland declared itself an independent state, in 1918; this was accepted by the new Bolshevist government. As such, it was never part of the USSR. Additionally, there are not, literally, millions of citizens of Finland whose primary language is Russian; Finland does not contain a warm water port; and the one time that the USSR did launch a war against Finland, in 1939, they lost in less than six months. For those reasons and more, such a war is highly unlikely. While the creeping NATO boundary is a terrible threat to world peace, Russia has enough on its plate, already, with the billions of dollars of US taxpayer funds poured into Ukraine, in the form of advanced weaponry.

  4. It’s crazy how backwards everyone’s framing is. NATO was created to protect Europe against Russian expansionist foreign policy. They’ve already proven that a NATO is necessary.

  5. God: Trust me and I'll protect you.
    Person: Protect me from what
    God: From what I'll do to you if you don't trust me.
    Just change 'god' to 'russia.

    Sad georgia wasn't apart of nato russia wiped my partners city clean of the map. Worst part her family fled to other soviet countries some to ukraine just to get invaded by Russia again.

  6. This was always the ultimate end-goal of the Russia-gate psy-op on the American people. It was surely utilized for many other aims, but this was definitely the main purpose. Sad so many people fell and continue to fall for this blatant propaganda.

  7. Boris Johnson never said the British or Nato would "guarantee" Finland's security in case Russia would make a move. Johnson said the British would help, that's all. They simply guaranteed some level of involvement, which could mean anything really.

  8. Denmark here. Most people forget that article 5 in the NATO charter is a statement of intent, and not an obligation. If a NATO member is attacked, the other members have only pledged to THINK about coming the attacked nation to help. This was the reason why a lot of NATO countries became worried during the Trump presidency, because they didn't feel sure that USA under Trump would come to their help if there ever was a war in Europe. On June 1st the people of Denmark are going to vote if we want to join a formal military cooperation agreement with the EU, in addition to our membership of NATO. Right now half the Danes intend to vote yes to such an arrangement, the other half is voting no. In my opinion we will end up staying out of an EU defense alliance, mainly because most Danes are concerned that the EU overall is not a democratic institution. At least this is what I hope, the war hysteria is strong here in Denmark, so you never know. Greetings from Denmark!

  9. Short answer: YES. In fact, the smart play for Russia right now would be to annex all non-NATO countries before they join, (if he has the infra). As they are obviously gonna be used against him. And he already lived through the max sanctions and we've shown we can'twon't put troops on the ground. We can only send so much aid.

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