Councillor In Trouble Over Gun Joke


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  1. Fix your audio for fuck sake. Or at least take a look at your video files before you publish them or fire the guy you have hired to do so because this isn't it chief.

  2. I used to work with a load of Welsh "people", and we'd take the piss out of each other all the time. Because it was funny. It's making fun of the fact that we're supposed to hate each other. Which we can do because we don't hate each other. If people aren't allowed to laugh about their differences then their differences become a barrier. This shit is fucking poison.

  3. Britons once conquered the world by force of arms. Now upon hearing about weapons, even in jest, mass huddling and cowering, followed by outrage and scandal.

  4. Idk if this is just me being drunk off my a$$, or has Dank's audio gone down the sh!tter? Nonetheless, this dude probably took notice of the UK's new law against "anti-Britain hate speech" and decided to post this meme based on it, you know a country's gone full authoritarian when making jokes about it/ criticising it's government have become "hate speech" And yeah, that gun doesn't look real at all, one of my friends on the 'cord has fake guns more convincing than that 🤣 Find it kinda ironic how one of the guys calling this (ironic) post out for being "xenophobic" is part of a conservative group, which you'd usually think would be pro-free speech, but '90s conservatives were just as big mass-censorship enjoyers as the modern left, so does it really shock me? Nah.

  5. This isn't section 127, it's straight up threat of violence. They are using section 127 so they can let it slide.
    I am surprised the retard knows which end to hold.
    Yes it may be a joke but you know if the roles were swapped he would be demanding justice against racsim

  6. I work in mental health in the US, and can confirm that the vast majority of people I work with are terrified of firearms.

    I was talking to a coworker about competing in a 1k/850-ish meter long range competition, and it sounded like a church full of old ladies clutching their pearls in that building.

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