Count Dankula Vs The United Kingdom – Taking My Country To Court

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Written by Count Dankula

Offensive social commentary in an accent you won't understand and skits that get people thrown in prison.


  1. ALL the western countries government should be on trial for treason…..EVERY ONE!
    I would have told those traitors to shove their charges up their treasonous terrorist kidnapping extortionist asses.
    Called a refusal for cause here…. No "cause of action" no "standing" for the case.

  2. Did you find the way you have been treated by the courts grossly offensive?

    Have you considered bringing a simultaneous counterclaim?

    Or do you think the UK courts are just so incompetently corrupt there’s no point?

  3. Just found out what the whole joke was and im fucking shocked. How is this possible in the UK in 2020 to get locked up for that????. This is madness!

  4. I just got banned from twitter from telling a homophobic to kid there was a charity getting money for lgb+++++++++ and he said that’s not enough money to put them out LMFAO I got banned for that

  5. Do it for your country and everyone else getting fucked by it. What if you slip and end up offending someone else again. it’s not e-begging. Bring freedom yes go ahead with it.