COVER UP? Massive abuse of power in New York!

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Written by M. Tracey


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  1. No fan of Hilary, but her camp was correct in criticizing Comey for pretty much this same thing; he comes out to the press declaring her guilty of various things without any intention of proving it in court / allowing her to defend herself in court. Not that she wanted to be indicted, but it’s totally inappropriate for law enforcement officials to do that to anyone.

  2. If Cuomo had gotten thrown into jail on the basis of the report, that would be a violation of due process. His resigning is not. It is not unprecedented for a politician to resign when a damning report is issued following an investigation, apart from whether or not they go on to face any actual charges (in which case, they would have a chance to defend themselves in court).

    Remember what the response was when the report first came out over the summer? 'He'll fight this out, no way he'll resign, it's not in his nature, he'll never give in.' Michael acts as if the Dem members of the legislature, whose withdrawal of support was what triggered the resignation (and was by no means a foregone conclusion), were all gulled by Tish James.

    All this should be borne in mind, even though Michael is correct that there should be (and should have been) more in the press questioning James about how the investigation was conducted.

  3. They were treating Cuomo like the best thing ever in MSM, because of Trump hate. He was always horrible, and so is his replacement. It's actually exactly like Biden, if he can make it through his term, we know who we get…ICK!!!! And yes the sexual misconduct is actually quite a bit better than covering up what should be the biggest scandal, the nursing home deaths and immunity given to donors.

  4. How in the USA can an attorney general disclose criminal facts and prejudicial statements on someone, in a civil investigation she conducted, all without making a criminal prosecution decision or referral?

    This is what demonrats are about: first enable all the deprived rapists, then violate the constitutional rights of the rapists once their deeds become public.

  5. I contend that the root of this hysterical social emphasis on the divinity of feelings and victimhood can be traced back to the late 70's when the move was made by the legal establishment, particularly the courts, to allow victims to give testimony in legal proceedings.

    That move allowed emotion to take precedent over the long held blind lady of justice weighing the facts. It put the emotions of the jury ahead of the juror's internal ability to discern fact from fiction. Emotional button pushing became, over the decades, the magic wand for prosecution by career focused prosecutors.

    Today, we witness 13 year old girl hissy-fits as the ruler over our natural impulse to peacefully reason and discern in matters of judgement. Seeking a reasoned resolution to any critique is now shouted down as an affront to my feelings…waaaaaah! No way to continue with the cultural norm of America, a country which has taken 250+ years to be a melting pot of most every language and culture on this planet…no small feat, and one held in balance through our founding principles.

  6. I’ve seen Cuomo as a slime ball, though there seemed to be something a bit out of the ordinary with how the Cuomo story played out, to me it appeared interests likely tied up with NewYork politics was behind Cuomo’s induced ouster for other reasons beyond the headline claims of sexual assault / misconduct, a sort of palace coup.

  7. Daily reminder that Gov. Cuomo committed negligent homicide (if not murder) 15,000 times by putting corona patients into old folks' homes during the pandemic. He then covered it up, but we found out he did this from a leaked zoom call when one of his aides talked about it.

    He isn't getting charged for that, but he's being charged for grabbing a titty like 15 years ago. Go figure.

  8. What about the deaths of the nursing home seniors Michael Tracey ? That was ignored by the misinformation mainstream media ! You talk about the mainstream media like it is fair and balanced and not bought by for by Pfizer ! The mainstream media didn't report on the crime done to Steven donziger

  9. You are a pain and Nuisance to Loads of institional and estbalishment players. Congrats! Keep it up. You've been over the target for 3+ years on many issues. Your becoming the 20's Glenny G.

  10. Hi tracey , thanks for your perfect analysis of "the cuomo case", I am French and I follow andrew for 10 years , he is really great

    I admire his incredible capacity for work and his unconditional presence in all the disasters of the state, the worst is all his "friends" who turned their back on him, crazy.
    I knew he was very jealous but the cheek of this James is blatant from my point of view after that does not surprise me from a progressive feminist

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