COVER UP: Twitter NUKES Maxwell Trial, Pelosi Trackers | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar review Twitter’s censorship policy and the justification the site used when it took down large accounts tracking the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and Nancy Pelosi’s corruption

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  1. Twitter can do what it wants. Its a private corporation.
    Maybe we should take all of the social media companies into public ownership. They got us by the balls if they get to tell us what truth is or ain't and nobody with power will say sh!t.

    I'm just sayin'. Maybe a few rich guys shouldn't control freedom of speech of all 7 billion of us on planet earth? That's what I think.

    Speaking of…what fkn innovation have they made with their platforms? Did they make something new? My opinion, Its basically just another iteration of chatrooms of dorks on DARPAnet in 1978…but with pictures.

  2. The trial is all over mainstream media including those photos, though. Even coverage from this very channel comes from CNN, NYT and MSNBC. I like you but sometimes you just have to be objective, guys. Great way to say ‘screw you’ to mainstream media indeed!

  3. It's all a giant brainwashing experiment gone wrong. Society is in grave danger if this continues to be allowed.
    Don't wonder why "right-wingers" or whatever you want to call them are trying to start new platforms.

  4. This is why normalizing kicking the most powerful person in the county off Twitter, aka Trump, turned out to be the wrong direction to run to when the most powerless people challenge the most powerful people on the same platform. F**K CESORSHIP!

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