COVERUP: Cops Try To HIDE Body Cam Footage Of Cowardice | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar bring the latest details of the Uvalde police coverup of body cam footage and other public records requests by journalists and those investigating the mass shooting

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  1. AG and Governor should have everything released today. They really have nothing to lose to do an investigation and bring to light everything that is available.

  2. Just another example of the fact that the police do not exist to protect you and the government is not going to be there for you when you need them.

  3. I support our public safety officers. That said why didn’t these good guys with guns, who were ready to enter, not save these babies and their teachers? I am sickened to think that these students who were crying out for help were left to die. I can’t imagine the officers in the building weren’t ready to barge in and take this sicko down! They must have been told to stand down. That’s all I can think of…Who f***ked this up?! I blame leadership! How are we supposed to feel safe in schools now?!

  4. Every single one of those Uvalde cops should be indicted and tried as accomplices in felony first degree murder, with the appropriate punishment for anyone found guilty for felony first degree murder. Then pass the word: do your job or resign; otherwise, act like the Uvalde cops and face the criminal consequences.

  5. @breakongpoints I’ve been a firefighter for 22 years . The cops have the tools and are trained to breach looked doors. As a firefighter , we are first trained to try before you pry. Meaning , check to see if the door is even locked. If it is we are taught many ways to breach the door . The police in Uvalde are incompetent. And with the culture of safety . The cops and fire fighters are now taught that they are #1 over any civilians . Even though we al take oaths to serve and protect and sacrifice . No different then the US military

  6. There needs to be mass incarceration of every political official and police officer involved in this situation. They are either willfully obstructing the public from understanding what happened to cover their own asses or were grossly negligent in their duties to protect the school.

    There needs to be legislation brought up immediately that legally requires police officers to protect and serve or be arrested. Their cowardice and/or malicious disregard for these children's lives will mark their souls for all time.

  7. When are people going to understand that cops DO NOT HAVE an obligation to protect anyone but themselves? They prove this daily. Federal judges have ruled on this many times, specifically for situations just like this. Cops are cowards, plain and simple. Law enforcement is the sewage of America sucking public funds like parasites.

  8. I don't understand why this is at all surprising. Have you literally never paid attention to how any police misconduct has been handled for basically the entire history of the country? Too many bootlickers in this country

  9. Sadly complaining about the cops inability to do their job does nothing. It sheds no new light on the already known policies of police enforcement. What policy might that be? Blame the “other”; talk with PR expert & hire a taxpayer funded law firm. Way easier to kick it up stairs…. For Texas government to sheepishly blame & yet admit their ignorance does nothing either. Just like the cops. Nobody will do anything other than blame. Its way easier that way. The cycle continues all because of our country’s refusal to update some out dated imaginary civil liberties. Crazy.

  10. i still want to know how an 18 year old kid had enough cash to buy $15,000 worth of firearms and ammo. At 18 I would have had to sell a few kidneys on the black market to come up with that kind of cash.

  11. Not making dynamic entry before exhausting the possibility of getting the suspect to surrender is the correct tactic to use if you have a hostage situation, as is preventing anyone else from entering the scene like they did with mom-of-the-year. The mistake they made was deciding to treat the suspect like a hostage-taker, not an active shooter. Everything after that mistake was done correctly, but that's not a mistake you get to make and keep your job.

  12. Ok so the TX senate is in session is meeting on this. From what I have heard the DA is holding it but is accessible to members of legislation. It will be released and of course the person who can answer questions is not there. But I don’t think the blocking of records is accurate. Let’s give them some more time and see if they release the body cam footage as it as was stated in the hearing today. One other point made during the hearing that some of the body cam footage will more than likely incriminate the oic. Negligence? Civil suit?

  13. Guys I hope you’re planning on following up on this as they are having Texas Senate hearings today and there has been mention of the body cam footage that the DA is holding and reasons are given I think there will be more to come,

  14. Krystal and Saager need to ask why so many US Marshals were present at the beginning of this mass murder. Diring my six decades of life, I've never personally seen a US Marshal. And here in a small remote agricultural town in southern Texas, dozens suddenly appear at the beginning of this mass shooting. Why is this not a question being asked?

  15. The most weaponised police force in the world … ( in the most weaponised country in the world.) … Can't blame the rest of the world thinking y'all had this coming (and God doesn't exist by the way._)

  16. are yall this blind….two doors happen to malfunction and all the police a scared to enter and now everyone is covering it up…..they let this happen….might want to go back and look deeper into previous school shootings something bad is going on

  17. Unfortunately Republicans in Texas are more worried about perpetuating lies from Trump, as it seems to have better re-election power. Abbott more interested in building a wall than building infrastructure and give better pay for teachers. Politics as usual regardless. I still think that policing events need to have a big reform to avoid these types of "buddy" coverups.

  18. Hi Guv Abbott, are you still livid? How's your fourth of July going to be? You're going to spend it with family?…

    Oh you're going to spend it with the families of the kids that died? ….that's great. That's a start. That's exactly how YOU should spend your fourth of July.

    Oh wait, what? there's too many? Okay so why don't you start with the priority of spending time with the families whose kids died later, after their initial wounds, you know, the ones who were sitting in their blood for over an hour.

  19. Bottom line if I was Police Chief I would of buried every Officer on my force if it meant saving one child's life. These cowards need held accountable.

  20. Why would I pay for your premium version if all you do is read from other news sources and interject your opinion as opposed to doing objective journalism ? Next week the door lock story will change.

  21. This is so simple; Small town cop shop wasn't trained do respond to terrorist event. They need to just say that they hadn't trained for a terrorist event. Probably too much energy diverted away to helping their community cope with being overwheled by border related issues. Just admit it and move on.

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