COVERUP: Fauci, China, Harvard Suppressed Lab Leak | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Saagar reviews the timeline of the lab leak coverup by Dr. Fauci, Harvard researchers, China, the media, World Health Organization, and tech companies

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  1. When is this channel finally going to confront the vaccines and the policies around the vaccines? For some reason most of you to just ignore all of the inconsistencies and the payoffs and the payoffs and the massive propaganda it's propaganda by big pharma via the media.

  2. They know they lied and collided with big pharma to enrich themselves and violated our rights. They ALL need to be in jail, I can’t wait till Mr. Science starts spilling the beans…… unless he gets suicided like the Clinton’s did Epstein

  3. Thank you Saagar Enjeti for the Fauci takedown. I still know people who not only maintain that Fauci has zero culpability, they won't even admit that his actions might, to a reasonable person, have the APPEARANCE of a coverup.

  4. The official version of history is diverging more and more from the internet version of history. The internet version of history is crowd-sourced, and thus closer to the truth. We can't let them censor the internet.

  5. China essentially set off a nuclear bomb that killed millions, impacted the mental health of millions if not billions, collapsed businesses globally and nothing will be done.

  6. Exactly why you’d be an idiot to trust the science without verifying. These people are criminals. The worst part is that there is NO assurance that anything has changed. So now we wait for the next lab leak of gain of function research and pray that it doesn’t kill us us all. Thank you Saagar for staying on top of this. The legacy media just wants to keep it buried..

  7. You really need to just stop chomping a way of these bullet points Sagger with no hard evidence , this is all tarot card reading, so 2 unnamed doctors / researchers said that the virus was “not consistent through revolutionary biology “ you need the name those people and actually come up with evidence as to how the cellular mechanism the virus is different in nature as opposed to an engineered variant, there’s still zero evidence of this being a manufactured / modified virus

  8. It's no theory, it came from a Lab and this is disgusting that no one is getting in trouble about this! We need to demand accountability from our elected officials, media and everyone effected.

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