COVID-19 Is EVERYWHERE, The US May Be On The Brink Of An Outbreak

As the coronavirus makes inroads in almost every country in the world, almost every American state also see at least one possible case. As California watches 8,000 suspected cases and New York puts 700 people in voluntary quarantine, Tim and Adam consider the implications of an American outbreak, and how it would spread through the US.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Call me ignorant but I don’t believe in this shit. Also this was randomly recommended to me and I never watch this channel or any like it. I smell something fishy.

  2. Calling people who are freaking out stupid whilst simultaneously painting as many scary scenarios as possible to make people panic… you either can’t make your mind up or you’re being deliberately sensationalist.

  3. the greed of these corporate nutbags is slowly killing us all. they dont want to research into curing the coronavirus because it would cost too much money for them, instead they want it to spread more and more because than people will start buying out stores and looking at news articles to keep up on the virus and that would mean more money in their pockets

  4. I sold off my stuff in the beginning of February after following it all January. I'm not looking to sell it off forever, I'm looking to sell it off before it drops, then buy it all back as close to the bottom as I can. Then, by the time it makes it back to where I used to be, I'll have doubled what I had.

    You act as if selling now means it's sold forever. I'm just dodging the bullet.

  5. Where are they getting the test kits? CDC
    Why are they not accurate enough or we don't have enough?
    The unknown at that time flawed test kits were from a German lab where they took the DNA sequence provided by China when the outbreak was first known to the public. Low and behold it was false and a lie. Thanks China. So the CDC had to wait until they had confirmed patients of the ncov to gather data on the virus, can't trust China.
    We don't have enough test kits because the idjits that put all their money and manufacturing companies are in China. So yes, even the production of test kits are affected by this. ? No one listened to Trump about moving your company out of China…
    There answered your questions. Yes, I have a sibling working as a lab scientist in California that is working in one of the hospitals that are forced to take ncov patients. They do the actual performing of the test and yes it takes long. Yes there isn't enough lab scientists that are both qualified and are able to run the tests for this outbreak in America. ?

  6. Tim please quit pandering and give facts. The CDC has to respond to be responsible. Coronavirus is not new, the most recent strain was SARS. we all know that was a lot of hype. Swine flu was more deadly. Still coronavirus is not as deadly as swine flu OR influenza. Stop the panic. You are hurting communities due to this. Influenza kills more people than coronavirus. And that come yearly! Quit being a milk toast individual and have a stance on this because it will hurt people with this panic.

  7. Hey Tim. Perhaps you should look up a little video game who's entire storyline is based off Presidential Directive 51 and a theoretical disaster scenario called "Dark Winter."

    It's called: "Tom Clancy's The Division"

  8. The problem with skimming news articles instead of having discussions with experienced professionals is that you end up not understanding the solutions, just problems as they are more "entertaining" or click baity…classic misunderstanding of reality, since most people are reactive, the problem will always show up first then comes the response ie public announcement from Trump saying there are 40 + million face masks procured and ready to be deployed etc, the "shortages" end up being logistics related due to mismanagement not due to lack of manufacturing etc. Alot of people are profiting off this news. Don't get spooked, it's a form of manipulation to get you to buy something or do something you wouldn't otherwise do.

  9. The Pope is 83, and had part of a lung removed as a kid, and he's someone who reaches out and literally touches thousands of people. He's no stranger to colds and the flu. He has some of the best medical people on earth taking care of him.

    If he had the coronavirus, the church would put the word out, and have one billion people praying for him, and that hasn't happened.

    I think Papa has had a cold morph onto a garden variety case of pneumonia. It's not exotic or terrifying, but it's a hazard for any octogenarian. Here's wishing this good man a safe recovery…we need him.

  10. Tomorrow news, oops, we where using wrong flu test, but we put all them people with the actual Corona invected people. So they have it now to.

  11. Before y'all go completely insane, consider…60,000 deaths per year in Switzerland from smoking, coronavirus would be 20,000 with half the population infected. Indonesia no cases, the Philippines only a handful. No cases in some of India's worst disease ridden shitholes, and only one from 5th January in Nepal which is very surprising considering how over populated and deprived Kathmandu is.

  12. Best things to hoard for a crisis- ammunition, medicines, Alcohol, Tobacco Products, dry/dehydrated foods, TP. All not only very useful- but will always have high trade/barter values.

  13. The disease we fight is the death panels and committees headed by Bill Gates. There is no vaccine that will save us from depopulation.
    This will require laser focus on what the traitors in this gov who have opened the door for bill’s death committees to keep from being arrested and killed for treason all because Biden’s crackhead son got busted and it threatened to out Obama, Clinton, fat nadler, China lover Feinstein, commie comey
    Man I could go on but I hope you get what I’m saying.