COVID-19 patient shows ‘improvement’ after receiving ivermectin following legal battle with hospital

After a short but tense legal battle, Edward-Elmhurst Hospital has agreed to allow an outside doctor to administer ivermectin to one of its COVID-19 patients.

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Written by FOX 32 Chicago


  1. look at mexico city once they implemented this the covid cases collapsed. shit governments need to wake up and stop killing people. alot could have been saved if this drug was available.

  2. What happened to helping the patient to get better. Covid 19 is not an exception to the rule. Ivermectin is $1-$3 pill. That's a problem for big pharma. Prayers for the family.

  3. The Chinese Govt was using this drug from day 1. They manufactured and administered their form of this cure; at the same time the news media was lying to the public. Too many Sheeple fell for the info from the news media and took the vaccine. In China they are not even giving the MRNA vaccines to their populous as they have been deemed to be dangerous.

  4. Hundreds of MDs are on board with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine / zinc because they have saved their patient’s lives. Big Pharma and corrupt politicians care only about their BIG money deals and so they practically enforce their experimental agenda down everyone’s throats and dictate their own murderous idiocy to the masses. If someone is going to die anyway, WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO LOSE taking Ivermectin???

  5. Just proves health care is involved in this plandemic. Wait till it comes out hospitals killed people to keep their numbers high to get that emergency funding and keep statistics rising

  6. They know ivermectin works better than the vaccines. Merck issued this until the patent ran out then they proceeded to talk bad about the medicine saying it didn't work.

  7. The hospital had to back down in the end cause if there is another alternative medicine in a Pandemic case it should by law be offered but as people have said it’s cheap it has been used for ever and shows no bad side effects who knows what in the stuff they are dealing out now that has no long time research done on it.

  8. They can't approve ivermectin because the emergency use of vaccines before completion of all phases requires "no valid alternative treatments".

  9. It does work. However, doctors recommend using it together with other drugs. Check out AAPS website for more details.

  10. Every single Doctor, Care Worker or Government body who blocks this drug will be held to criminal charges as the future continues to open up the truth. I can see the billboards now in the USA and other countries. "HAVE YOU OR A LOVED ONE BEEN DENIED DRUGS DURING THE PLANDEMIC?" "HAVE YOU LOST A LOVE ONE DURING THE GREAT PLANDEMIC OF 2020? CALL US, PLANDEMIC LEGAL TO GET YOUR JUST DESERVES!"

  11. Those complicit in suppressing the efficacy of ivermectin have blood on their hands. It's usually safer to attribute ignorance/gullibility/stupidity first and cynical malice much later, but in this case it's clear there are some diabolically wicked people putting vaccine profits ahead of people's lives. The best case scenario is only slightly less evil: if ivermectin's efficacy was fully disclosed, it would be shown to meet the threshold of an effective treatment and thus the Emergency Use Authorization for the vaccines would need to be pulled… thus some might argue if the vaccines are more effective then pulling the EUA would be more damaging… But since the EUA for vaccines is valued at likely hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars going forward, if one doesn't think that would have a strong tendency to somehow see ivermectin ignored they should have their head examined…

  12. Thumbs up for Fox putting this on but it also goes to show you the ignorance and the control that people have over the doctors you would think a doctor would do everything can to save a life but ignorance and control keep him in check

  13. It's controversial because it doesn't turn people into billionaires. This treatment is very effective and in years to come the fact it wasn't rolled out during this pandemic will become a huge scandal. It's one of the safest medicines you can take and has been taken by billions of people around the world for years.

  14. Recent worldwide studies are showing drastic drops in hospitalization and ICU admin after implementing Ivermectin….Chech, Mexico.
    , Venezuela, India.

    It's as effective as a prophylactic (same as vaccine), as well as a treatment. Safety record nearly 50 years long.

    Could have possibly stopped the pandemic in its tracks a year ago. So why the hell did this get silenced?

    1: Emergency use of new vaccines would not be approved if there was another effective drug for both preventing and treatment.

    2: Ivermectin is no longer under patent, and can be produced easily and cheaply all over the world (as little as $3 per dose). There's not much profit to be made.

    So, we have the lab leak coverup, useless masking drama and now purposely hiding drugs that could have had a massive effect of stopping the pandemic a long time ago.

    Big pharma, big tech and left wing/communist govt collaboration all to blame.

    Will they pay?

  15. You people knew that this was one of the drugs that would help covid-19 patients but you deliberately Market and she should sue every news station as well as the hospital Hydrochloric does the same thing but for political reasons you people would rather see them die it's all about the vaccine in along with vaccines comes Therapeutics which should be given to people