Covid-19 Policy ‘A Failure for Australia and Australian People’

World renowned epidemiologist, Stanford Professor of Medicine and economics, and Director of the Stanford Center on the Demography of Health and Aging: Dr Jay Bhattacharya is coming to Australia.

As co-author of The Great Barrington Declaration and prolific publisher of peer-reviewed research on public health and policy, Jay has a very direct message for Australia:

In many ways, we got Covid-19 wrong (as evidenced by our sky-rocketing infection, case, and mortality numbers) and we are completely unprepared for any future health crisis, doomed to repeat our anachronistic dedication to lockdowns.

Live on stage in Fitzroy, Melbourne with Matt from Discernable on Thurs 22nd Sept, tickets are selling fast.

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  1. There was no mistake they did exactly what they wanted to collapse an economy The evidence is only getting more and more compelling that something that drops in efficacy into the Negative % by the 20th week after a dose; with only a 60-70% efficacy for the first two weeks of being Poisoned all they way down to NEGATIVE 10% within EIGHTEEN weeks

  2. Simple, don't force experimental drugs in any form, on anyone worldwide, ever again. Never silence Doctors again from upholding their Hippocratic Oath. Never make legal treatments available, illegal, by threatening Doctors to being disbarred for treatment their patients according to their Oath of Doing No Harm. Never again remove a Doctors Licence or any medical licence for voicing their opinions or for treating their patients accordingly to known protocols.

  3. The response was insane but seeing the police and politicians enjoy the power so much is and will always be terrifying.
    Dan Andrews and vic pol really showed what they want their world to look like.

  4. It was actually a success because they went along with the obvious globalist/elites plan in unison with all the other countries who’s governments are currently littered with disgusting WEF puppets.

  5. It was NOT a failure. Things happened EXACTLY as they were intended to. Our Government and Governments around the world knew precisely what they were doing. They were instructed to do things exactly as they were done. We cannot let a narrative develop that says "mistakes were made". If we propagate this narrative these criminals will get away. We must shout from the rooftops. This was their plan. This was all done on purpose with knowledge aforethought. These people must hang.

  6. Failure were the politicians, health so called experts and the fact no one in politics would listen to real experts,instead they listened to naratives of unelected Deep State Gov-how disgusting

  7. Australia demonstrated the perverse control of the medical system through licensing where the AHPRA threatened doctors and medical staff with being unable to help future patients if they contradicted the orthodox messaging.

  8. The traitor politicians and their bum buddies the Chief Health Officers did exactly as they were told to by the WEF
    These scum who locked us down ….caused businesses to go bust…caused people to lose their jobs…ordered the gestapo police to shoot their own citizens with rubber bullets need to be thrown out of office and jailed for their part in the greatest scam ever perpetrated on the people

  9. I’m unvaxed because I’m a traditional Catholic who doesn’t use anything associated with abortion like the “vaccines”. We know now I’m healthier being unvaxed. Thank you Jesus 💟✝️💟

  10. lol, Good luck with getting a constructive conversation with our health professionals. They, the health professionals continue to be the minions for the cabal/s. The insanity continues. It is so obvious this is a plandemic. Lives have been lost. People who had to take the jab are suffering. Many. But the doctors refuse to join the dots, as they've been paid off, paid to keep quiet as has our lamestream media. We now have sudden adult death syndrome. Please, what a lot of hooey. More bs. As for the state of Victoria, Melbourne the city, continues to be ruled by the dictator Andrews. Just waiting to see his next horrid move of power and control. We have a state s/election in November. The aec continues to have the dominion voting machines. So of course he will get back in. I pray not. Both state and federal politicians are all committing treason and have done so since early 70's. The clean up needs to happen, asap. Welcome to the land of dishonesty!!

  11. Currently, only 13% of the entire nation have had their 2nd Booster, meaning the remaining 87% are now unvaccinated.

    Only a few months ago, this was a recipe for absolute mass death and Hospitals collapsing…Now nobody gives a shit. What changed?

  12. Still failing NOW in Victoria with Pandemic Legislation and ongoing mandates and mask wearing in certain industries and people STILL living in fear of a virus because of the Fear Campaign undertaken here! And Politicians interfering with the Doctor/Patient relationship to the detriment of so many.

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