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What was more disturbing? the Chairman’s mythical opinion of himself or the slack-jawed centre-left podcast host, former Labor campaigner Stephen Donnelly hanging on his every word.

Written by Nunya Bizness


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  1. Hey! Give our glorious chairman Dan a break, your not a liar if you believe the lies you speak……………. He is actually insane and suffers from Narcissistic personality psychopathic disorder. So its not his fault……………..
    I blame his mother .

  2. It’d seem my deleted comment was a little too graphic for this platform…
    Suffice to say Dan Andrews, whose hunger for ultimate power and control of the people of Victoria, deserves so much worse than the pain and despair he intends to master…
    I have a very creative imagination…

  3. That was a bit childish. Can we raise the bar on political satire or we risk treating serious issues, with the same contemt they do.
    If we are no better then them, what's the point of change. The Truth is We The People are far better, we need to act like it.
    Still got a thumbs up of course. But c'mon mate.

  4. look at his ears and think how he was treated at school now you understand why he needs control. but what he really needs is 10 000 hrs of therapy 😢 and to leave the balanced people to get on with life.

  5. and here i was thinking dipshit dan was our favourite dictator boy was i wrong im not 100% sure but i think he might just be our saviour i mean who in their right mind would want freedom then you have the hassle of having to choose come on people we all know dipshit dan only wants what's best for Australia and to have an iron grip on the throat of free choice its not like he would march us into a building and deliberately expose us to a harmful virus would he ???????

  6. What is more disturbing are those behind the 'shows' someone like the Chairman would go on touting his leftist rhetoric and be fully onboard with it…. In fact it doesn't even seem like the same guy these days….

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