COVID and vaccine policy dangerous (Peter McCullough & Bret Weinstein)

Dr. Peter McCullough is an academic internist, cardiologist, and a trained epidemiologist located in Dallas, Texas. He speaks with Bret regarding what a wise response to Covid would look like.

The McCullough Report:
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  1. Lessons from (medical) history for a contemporary pandemic.

    1) A truth can easily become false, and "the culprit" is always "the others".

    For over 500 years, the "scientific truth" held that the dangerous disease syphillys was brought from the New World to Europe by Columbus's crew. Yet, before being labeled an import from America, this disease was first described in several countries as a disease from another location. "The French disease", "The Naples disease", "The Spanish itching"… The disease always came from somewhere else. Now we also have the South African variant. The Indian version. etc. While the real origin is disputed and difficult to trace.

    2) New insights

    But it turned out after 500 years that there were irrefutable traces that the disease was also present in Europe before Columbus's voyages. Even in antiquity. Where did the disease originate?
    It is now believed that the germ has been around for thousands of years but in different variants, which emerged through selection of mutations throughout history, in different forms.

    3) Natural Immunity in Children

    Where the climate and social customs allowed it, as in pre-Columbian America, it could thrive as a mild childhood disease (limited to the skin) leading to later natural immunity in the grown children. That mildness was due in the first place to the fact that children were first well armed with their natural immunity to overcome that disease. First with innate immunity and then with adaptive immunity and immune memory. Secondly, this was also an evolutionary advantage for the bacterium.

    4) The intervention of the health sciences has actually made the situation worse.

    Sexually transmitted and dangerous syphillys is actually a disease of civilization, which paradoxically results from improved health care and medication. Greater hygiene, wearing of clothes, less sharing of utensils and cups, use of ointments… Barriers that made the less virulent form of syphillys transmitted through simple skin contact (direct and indirect) less likely to be passed on to young age and could spread there gave an evolutionary advantage to the sexually transmitted and more dangerous form. Thus, the bacteria with such mutations were selected. And that mainly happened in the well-to-do class because they were better protected from a "health-related" point of view against childhood disease.

    5) Implications for the Native Immune Population

    Breaking the cycle of (mild) childhood illness, which led to later immunity for those grown children, led to the loss of immunity of that population, when they were later exposed back to the dangerous form of syphillys. And because of that, the Native Americans later faced a pandemic of the serious disease.

    6) What lessons should we draw from this?

    In a natural course, the dynamic balance between pathogens and the (human) host, and the evolution of both, can cause a "peaceful symbiosis" between the two. If "health science" disrupts such a balance through (well-intentioned but not well-thought-out) interventions, the consequences could be much worse. The evolutionary aspects are crucial in the relationship with pathogens. But in this covid-19 pandemic, people can apparently not count on that knowledge from (medical) authorities. And they will endanger millions of children in search of the Holy Grail of vaccination.

  2. When – as a Registered Nurse – I was being given true vaccinations against, for example, Hepatitis B, was that in order to protect ME within an environment in which we concentrate sick people; or was it to show that I was a "good" person, doing something for my fellow-man? Why is it that we are in a society in which people are unable to formulate such basic questions as that: so that they accept the perverted form of utilitarian ethics being pumped out by those supreme perverts…….politicians?

  3. There will be critical review of this at some point and people will want the responsible parties held accountable. That's the main reason they are getting so concerned about losing control but it's too late. When their donor class starts publicly debating policies, like the airline industry, you know their grip is loosening.

  4. Ive had Covid twice.
    Very distinct infection.
    No headcold.
    Headache and body ache.
    Powerful chemical smell in nose and taste affected drastically.
    Energy and airways affected far more seriously first time than second.
    Second time tested positive.
    First time no common tests existed.

  5. I had the "delta variant " in July and , two weeks ago, I had an antibody test.I'm 52yrs old, vaccine free and I still have a huge amount of antibodies (1,395U/ml)A double vaccinated friend, who is 60yrs and hasn't had the virus, did an antibody test and has NO antibodies.Why on earth are they dismissing natural immunity?!😡

  6. Everyday as I’m interacting with people who still wear cloth masks and are planning or who have had their 1, 2 and 3 jabs, I think how can we reverse this trend? These are many of my friends and they won’t entertain any evidence I put forth even though I’ve been, without exception, absolutely correct about everything related to covid mitigations. I play in a band and the two most ardent followers of the “science” both got covid, had mild symptoms, and yet they still wear masks, both have been jabbed and boosted and both are afraid and confident they can get it again…It’s like there are two realities. At my work one young man still wears his mask all day yet, he will remove it to eat at our company functions, surrounded by 25 other people in a meeting room, laugh and carry on, quickly put his mask on when finished and go sit back in his office alone. How did we ever survive this long?

  7. Albert Bourla a Greek veterinarian and the chairman and CDO of Pfizer, a Sephardi Jews, That can control the USA government to get the gab or lose your job This is not the USA They have hijack the USA

  8. America didn’t go off the rails. It’s Fauci and his illegal wohan lab, that are wrong. then complete denial of those crimes.
    Utube, your days of censorship are numbered. How big a fine do you want? Millions? Billions? How about trillions? Better yet, removed from the internet all together and prison? Sounds about right to me.

  9. Both of my kids have covid right now. One had a headache for half a day and the other had a light cough. That was it. I allowed both of them to make the choice as to vaccine. I showed them how unlikely it was for them to have a negative outcome from covid and how unlikely it was that they might have a negative outcome from the vaccine. They decided they would rather get covid. Of course, in Quebec we have been barred from more or less all social and cultural activities because we are not vaccinated and I refuse to participate in a society that demands a Gesundheitpass in order to participate. That is a society I am not interested in participating in. It has been astonishing to me though to see how quickly and accepting the vast majority of people are in ignoring the sacred right of informed consent and participating in a medical apartheid just so they can get a drink or go to a movie. There is no sense in them that they have become willing promoters of a fascist state. And now in Ontario the health minister there said the double vaxxed need to stay away from the triple vaxxed during the holidays. Even this is not enough to wake them up…

  10. My coworker was forced to have his 5 year old daughter jabber or she would not be permitted back to daycare. He kept putting them off as long as he could but had to do it. He searched for other day care but they were all full. I pray she has no side effects

  11. I just learned that Pfizer owns Silvervscript, the prescription drug plan associated with many medicare Advantage plans, Pfizer also owns CVS drug stores. And they own Anthony Fauci, and they are the biggest lobby in DC. Seems like Pfizer is running the show.

  12. From the start of this debacle, I felt exactly the same. Why in the world did we have a one man band, from and center, every day of the week keeping us uninformed? Nobody seemed interested in the tens of thousands of medical professionals who spoke out and stated that we were handling this entire pandemic inappropriately. It’s very clear to me that profits were placed above patient safety. The medical community has suffered a gigantic blow and will take years to recover. People have lost all trust in the medical community.

  13. I have not seen any studies that show natural immunity is lasting. I am on several long Covid boards and there are many people on those boards that claim they have had Covid twice and even three times.

  14. Oh boy it's going to get a lot lot worse yet. Not a chance they are going to back down from the position they are in…expect them to double down many times yet
    Buckle up its it's going to be a real wild ride

  15. The media machine is training the population to give up their rights, bodily antinomy, and their future health. The US Government PROTECTS ALL vaccine makers, they are protected by the HHS. THEY CANNOT BE SUED FOR MALPRACTICE. So there's that.

  16. 1. One size fits all. 2. No consideration for natural immunity. 3. No acknowledgement that omicron appears to be far, far less lethal and still saying you need a vaccine AND a booster.

    This isn't science. This is absolute ridiculousness, and at this point, I have no doubt we will eventually uncover collusion between the CDC/FDA and big pharma.

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