COVID authoritarianism in the name of climate change (from Livestream Q&A #142)

Runaway climate science

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #142 (originally streamed live on Sep 17, 2022):


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  1. There are many myths coming from the Climate Change Alarmism dogma. Here are a few: Myth No. 1. The rate of sea level rise is increasing. False. Are sea levels rising? Yes, about 2.8mm/year, but there is no signal of an INCREASE in that rate as far back as tide gauge data (ca. 1860 from Manhattan, NY). Myth No. 2: The warmest decades in the U.S. have happened in the past thirty years. False. The years 1921, 1934, and 1936 rank as the warmest three years in U.S. history. Does this apply to the globe at large? No, of course not. But, U.S. temperature data going back to 1890s is some of the best data we have compared to the rest of the world. Myth No. 3: Antarctica is losing ice. False. There is no indication that Antartica has less ice today as when records first began many decades ago. Myth No. 4: Hurricanes are becoming more frequent and stronger. False. Myth No. 5: wildfires in the U.S. are increasing in acreage. False. Total acreage per year burned in the U.S. is down 90% from a century ago. (This year's large New Mexico fire, the largest in New Mexico's history, was started by the U.S. Forest Service as a controlled burn that got out of hand.) Regarding CO2 levels. Since 1900 CO2 levels in our atmosphere have increased about one part per 10,000. A note: the interglacial periods of the past 500,000 years were warmer than today, and this was when CO2 levels were below 300 ppm (they are about 418ppm today). What, then, was driving temperatures up if not CO2 levels?

  2. IMHO the problem is centralism, lack of competing ideas and systems, one theme forcing one perspective & accumulating all sources of funding around this one paradigm. this helps to build a scale to tackle one obvious problem but it blocks ability to tackle any other unexpected problem completely.
    It's shrinks nr of geniuses with free thinking, who instead go one straight line to NASA or other institution wasting billions $ pretending to make relevant breakthrough blinded by that corpo mentality & mental framework.
    we lost times when Einstein quarrelled with Tesla.
    If the next ice age started or sun micronova hits earth we are truly royally fkd.
    we waste most of money for things unneeded in our lives, we buy things toxic to our health to then buy another toxic things to brute force prolong our life.
    We don't learn from nature, we pretend to be smarter than nature going straight to blindly modifying it and now also us, even forcing to it.
    We waste time to go to Mars when we didn't figure out how to live in peace and respect in free, independent diverse nations on this earth.
    Global politicians are focused not on serving their people but on replacing & controlling them. We live in world that hates us, teaches us to hate each other and hate to prolong own species.
    in such environment why would anybody care about any global problem at all? Why bother when you struggle to keep own autonomy and basic resources to live.
    The cow on field is the future and hope of this world not a danger to it.
    Bring the methane in Arctic. who cares. The heat won't be greater in tropical zone and cold zone will be warmer. Deserts are also not a problem since it radiates heat straight back to space.
    We are species which survived ice ages. We saw much much worse.
    If you have a danger approaching you adapt or invent your way out. you don't stop progressing and if your progress is based on fossil fuels than that's the reality to accept. If you don't have a better more effective way you go to find it but you don't sabotage the one that still works.
    And thank you for being here with open mind. our world lack suck people the most. we can argue in peace

  3. Tony uses historic records and news paper articles to invalidate climate change claims including reminding everyone of the predictions that failed to materialize. He also have records showing how temperature records were altered to better fit with the climate models.

  4. There is evidence that humans only cause 1% of this carbon emissions…..they then used this 1% and pretend it’s 100% when they speak about it. It’s just lies and manipulation. Word play. The real evidence is there. The earth is vast and it’s underpopulated. We can’t cause the earth much stress even if we really try….Mother Nature will just fuck us up

  5. What has been going on in the climate science world was the playbook used for Covid. The pandemic served as a recruitment program for who the elites can count on as useful idiots who can on a local level bully and persecute the non-climate cultists. They're counting on an army of Climate Crusaders, because now they know who are the compliant and non-compliant.

  6. Tony Heller is a great man … You both should start discovering him.. He is one of us busting all the scams and deceit in real time…. I am quite surprised you never came across his work.. The man is a beast .. I would love to hear your opinions on his work after you go through his catalog…

  7. If global warming is a threat to the sea levels globally, why in

    heck would you build a city in the Nederlands, where the soil

    already is under natural attack all the time by the sea levels?

    The country we know today has been artificially held together

    for centuries by dikes, pumps, and polders.

    So, if you believe in global warming, as the WEF cabal does,

    building a huge city in the Nederlands is beyond madness…WTF

  8. Brett and Heather need to see Mr Hellers work. Tony shows historical scientific and media records that put climate change on the govt grift shelf next to Covid. You can’t change my mind about climate change. And Heller helped me with that.

  9. Using oil is the most economical way of vehicle transportation. Oil is never going anywhere deal with it. Clean burning coal with natural gas is the most economic way of creating electricity with minimum waste. They need to deal with that also.

  10. Climate science has been captured for decades by the politicians who jumped at the chance to use it initially to tax people but now it's being used to impose a world agenda.
    No climate scientist will EVER get funding if their research finds against the narrative…this has long been the case.

  11. We are still here, the planet is still here, after 12,800 years ago when earth started to warm after the last ice age. When there was no Canada and a good portion of the northern border areas including Seattle, which was buried under one to two miles of clacial ice. Question, when all that ice melted back then was the methane gas released damaging to the earth that we live on now? What about the time which was called the optimal climate periods where the temperatures were quite a bit warmer than our average temperatures now?

  12. Know what contributes the most pollutants to the earth's atmosphere? Eco-terrorists on the West Coast who put all of the forest management and logging companies out of business in the 1980's. Those wildfires put more crap into the atmosphere in one summer than 10 years of hydrocarbon emissions.

  13. The problem is what is called the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM, it has been known about for decades, It is a known fact that we face a cold spell for many years from now on. The Carbon dioxide is required for plant growth and is not far above the minimum needed for that growth to keep going.
    The US attack on the Nordstream 1 and 2 pipelines has allowed billion of cubic feet of methane into the atmosphere in one big discharge, yet they do not even say anything about the release and global hoaxing.

  14. CO2 levels are minuscule. A trace gas at tiny levels… the idiots in Government rely on the publics lack of understanding & their innate ability to be easily frightened by lies & propaganda from the mediums they’ve grown up trusting, to win the day… Time after time.

  15. You should listen to Tony Heller before you form any firm opinions about the effect of CO2 on our climate. The settled dogma is absurd if you begin to understand the counter arguments.

  16. Since they were so successful in getting people to believe in climate change, that's going to be the foundation of the new order. Everything will be based on it.

  17. CO2 is not a problem, it just makes vegetation grow and makes Earth greener. It's all b/s.

    Actual pollution IS a problem, especially in large cities, factories etc. But that does not give them excuse for what they actually want to do.

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