COVID Booster Approved Despite ZERO Human Testing

The FDA has announced emergency use authorization of a booster shot that targets the omicron BA.5 COVID variant. How the current state of the pandemic qualifies as an “emergency” is anyone’s guess. As is the likely effect on anyone given the booster since the authorization process did not involve any actual human testing. In fact, the little information Pfizer has made available to the public involves tests performed on eight mice. And that’s it!

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the public’s dwindling interest in boosters and the skepticism from knowledgeable experts over the value of endless COVID boosters.

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  1. 42 years old, never vaxxed, never masked, never isolated. Actually did the opposite. I don't know a single person that ever had rona. Except my nephew that got the jab and spent 2 days in ICU. 😶

  2. 24:30 Fun fact: There's blood clot problems with all of them because (among other things), they all use the clotting spike protein. J&J doesn't have as much money to bribe everybody. Or outbribe Pfizer to unauthorize the product of their competitors.

  3. … the norm was NEVER START A VACCINATION CAMPAIGN DURING A PANDEMIC … precisely because of the '' vaccine leakage '' problem … and how that forces mutations …
    Lots of virologists and immunologists , including Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier , warned about this …
    But somehow all rules changed in 2020 …

  4. That is weird, it was already known over year ago that this is kemi earfare and 20 years in the making to make people dependant on pokeys. Like the methood of having lightbulbs not lasting the year.

  5. Read the book The Real Anthony Fauci…….RFK Jr. explains the beginning of the end of double blind placebo testing of ALL vackzynes. This is why my husband and I did not vakzinayte our kidz. This is the new norm…….no long term testing, emergencies all over the place in perpetuity.

  6. The sad part is not the Government doing this . The sad part is how many Americans were GULLIBLE enough to fall for this for more than a couple months as well as said Americans turning on anyone disagreeing with them. Very much silence from those people nowadays. I still see people wearing mask in their cars alone for christ sakes 🙄🙄🙄🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

  7. This does sound like an effective way to help contain and prevent a winter surge.
    Look at all those care home deaths in the early days, if this time round all those people are already dead by winter then they can't die of the coof, can they?

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