Covid “Came Out Of A US Lab Biotechnology” Says Lancet Chairman

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  1. Thanks Jimmy you’re a rare and couragous force for bringing light to these toxic criminals web of deceit. It’s hard job to wake us all up when we’re so smuggly brainwashed by the false narrative, but your comedic touch softens the blow. Love and peace

  2. I wonder if it was created at one of the 43 biotech labs in our fully-created-and-owned Ukraine. Then perhaps released in China because because they conveniently have wet markets AND "The West" has decided China is "our" reeely BIG NEW ENEMY and "we" need to smear it with whatever "we" can manufacture. It all makes sense in a twisted CIA kind of way. We're ruled by total sociopaths, afterall.

  3. The people that paid for this have committed crimes against humanity and must meet the same fate that the NAZI's met. No exceptions, no mercy. They'd do no less to any of us.

  4. Well Jimmy they didn't really look into CIA nexus with11/22/63 nor into the CIA, Mossad,
    bU$h cabal, PNAC, JCoS and larry "pullit"
    silverstain so it's standard procedure.

  5. Yupp a LAB or 2 or 3 or 10:YUPp Billions of Bucks Made on the BUGG and the Masks and the needles and the Political Hush money and the Despot leaders 🌎Friggen WIDE! Time for some good ole Fashion truth telling fir a Change! Huh!

  6. The American people NEED to hold these CRIMINALS accountable and make an example of every single one that exploited this country, its people, our liberties & rights (and so much more) & everything we have lost BECAUSE of their foul intentions & ill-gotten gains that they made from all of the lies,chaos, pain, death & destruction of everything American & at the cost of so much. They are & should be considered enemies of the state & be put down in history books as being America's worst scum bags, traitors of not just a nation but of the world…you thought Sadam & Osama was bad…at least they served their people..but people like Fauci & certain politicians & public figures are on an entirely different level of "evil-doers" as G.W. Bush once said

  7. COVID-19 was unleashed on the World, on the American people, to 'Smoke Screen' the Controlled Demolition of the WTC. Towers #1,2,7 giant structures and the murder of some 3000 innocent Collateral victims, on '9/11/2001' that dragged US into the HELLHOLE of the Middle East the Zionist Israel Created there! The latest diversion is the Russia-Ukraine conflict, to push aside, ignore what happened on '9/11/2001', the greatest Crime EVER, against the American People on our own soil! US Congress, investigate '9/11'??

  8. Now we know why they had to cheat to win the election, no republican will ever be on the White House ever again, there’s too many sheep’s in this country who will believe everything that these liars will say. There will be another civil war in this country.

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