Covid-cops FAIL in court again

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NSW Police have officially withdrawn their fine against single mother. DJ Barker.

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Written by Avi Yemini

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  1. Great news for DJ Barker , What worries me is that the police are wasting time and money clogging up the court system , while real dangerous criminals ( unlike DJ) are out there committing serious crimes .

  2. Well done to us all who have donated .Change is required and this is the way to get it. Embarrass these people till they get the message . It's a sad fact they pick on individuals in the hope they will just pay the fine. I would go to court myself rather than pay in this instance.

  3. Avi you need to understand that the government is still making money win or lose and that's all that matters. These court costs are more than the fines and the government gets a cut of that so they still make money. They are doing this to make money back for the help they gave financially as little as it is during this crisis and the money they have lost. Win or lose the government still wins. We need to actually take on the government legally.

  4. The system still wins… people still got arrested… arrests stay on your record regardless of whether you were innocent… everyone gets paid…the innocent pays fees, charges, time just to prove innocence

  5. Experimental vaccination and totalitarian contact tracing = The 'Final Solution' to the ideological problems of overpopulation, population ageing, welfare budgets and climate change! Forthcoming enslavement, genocide and ultimately extermination of all 'listed' Australian citizens!

  6. COVID 19 = Paradise of opportunities for organized crime, corrupt politicians and 'public servants', including corrupt police officers, drug dealers, COVID Marshalls, human traffickers and contact tracers, so called.

  7. I'm so glad you/she won this case. They were a couple of jerks for sure. Coming back the next day after figuring it was done! And THEY weren't even wearing masks.

  8. Well done on winning.
    Can we now continue with the matter and take them to the cleaners?
    Any police caught in this way abusing their powers need to be fined or arrested themselves!!
    Then we get these ridiculous unconstitutional new laws and loss of our freedoms made illegal?

  9. Need to stop the police from withdrawing the case. Once a judge had ruled on the case (dependant on how high the courts is) it becomes common law, and can be used in reference to other cases, making it easier to win. *Stop the police from withdrawing*