Covid corruption- The great betrayal.

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Written by Andrew Lawrence


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  1. It has been a long time plan. And yes to see how easily people are coerced so that they could go ahead with their evil plans. Just looking forward to every single one of those liars being held accountable and imprisonment in the C camps.

  2. This entire thing was planned at the highest level, the only aspect to fall short of expectations (hopes and desires) was the virulence of the pathogen failing sufficiently to drive the desired outcome, hence the resort to relentless propaganda and fear mongering.

  3. I'm a very gullible person. Anyone can have me on a bite and I'd be the one to fall for it. However, give me enough time to think about it and my spiritual discernment will kick in. The time I needed for COVID was roughly two days. Well over two years and my self esteem is soaring. Gullibility and stupidity is the perfect mix. Thankfully I'm not stupid.

  4. Brilliant monologue Andrew. Thank you!
    Keep telling as it is. There’s no doubt about it there are deep, dark, evil forces working to destroy ordinary, decent people. Keep shining a light on the evil bastards.

  5. All so called medical experts should be named, shamed and sacked. All leaders were duped and lied to, but they also loved the power! As Mr P. Townsend once wrote “Won’t get fooled again”.

  6. May i suggest that the plot for the film " v for vendetta" is remarkably similar to what we have been experiencing these past few years. Read the film review by critic Roger Ebert who begins his synopsis with the words "It is the year 2020. A virus runs wild in the world …

  7. I don't watch I'm A "Celeb" – But I see an awful lot of posts on FB about it. I am absolutely amazed at how many people are starting to take a liking to Hancock. In fact, anyone who so much as says anything negative about him on these posts are torn apart. With really bad examples, like……."We all broke rules"….."Nobodies perfect"….etc! I understand there is clearly a certain breed of human who watches this garbage, but holy sh1t…….

  8. A female Chinese doctor who worked at Wuhan told the world in early December 2019 that the virus was man made in that place and had escaped earlier in that year. She is now in hiding in the US to save her life.

  9. Anyone who didn't question the narrative at the outset needs to have a rethink.
    The Times was pushing the Snake ate infected Bat, Chinaman bought snake from wet market, Chinaman & family ate Snake and BOOM!!! Charlie Wuh broke out.
    I didn't buy it then, never bought into it, never will.
    Proud 'Conspiracy Theorist' who lost friendships through disagreeing with the Coof narrative, still standing, forever sceptical of the organs of state.
    Like many others I suspect.

  10. If you want regular well balanced, honest and unbiased covid info check out Dr John Campbell, he’s unable to be as blunt and to the point as you Andrew, but for in depth detail your subscribers need to check out all of Dr Campbells daily talks he’s made over the last couple of years, they are real eye openers and getting more so.
    Thanks for another great video Andrew, I hope one day you and Dr Campbell get the recognition you both truly deserve.

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