Covid Cover-Up: New BOMBSHELL Lab Leak Report!!

A new congressional report says Covid-19 likely emerged in Wuhan months earlier than originally thought.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. THE MESSAGES OFFERING CRYPTO CURRENCIES ARE NOT ME!!! Check for the blue verified tick!! I will NEVER ask for anything!! I won't ask for your phone number or WhatsApp and I won't ask anything over direct message (DM)!

    The only way to get in contact with me is by signing up here to receive vital messages directly from me and to get your place on the ark if we can’t sort this sh*t out.

  2. Throughout history, the best way to cover up a screw up, especially if it involves a lot of money, or the politically powerful, or both, throw a butt load of mud in the water. Disinformation and rumors will hinder an investigation better than anything else.

  3. So if it happened earlier why were the Wuhan World Military Games held 100 countries 10,000 competitors not tested and never mentioned in msm.. also what about Event 201 held by Gates also Oct 19 NYC… It's not just China covering stuff up… US also funded Wuhan thru Fauci signed off by Obama 2016
    Gates has been developing coronaviruses since 1999

  4. In December 2019 I had a meeting in the Czech Republic, where a freakin' sick Turkish girl showed up. I was infected and was sick for 3 weeks with a very unusual flu.
    If I catch flu (always from kids…) I don't go to a doctor, I stay in bed and get my usual treatment. This time I went to the emergency as I felt very odd, I couldn't breath properly. As always (I don't know if it's a curse, a coincidence or a real pattern) I met a doctor who was burnt out or just simply bored by people and didn't even look at me. I received some antibiotics prescribed by his assistant and was sent home. After 2 weeks in bed and 1 other week on the couch I got better. But for 4 more months I felt a burning sensation in my lungs.
    The girl who infected me mentioned later, that she was living with Chinese students.
    I have no clue what happened back then, but I know I had something that I've never had before…
    Since that incident I wasn't sick until this day.

  5. Where the virus came from at this point is mute. The question is WHO is making all the money in getting people to get shots ? There is such a force to make people get a series of shots, SOME ONE IS GETTING VERY RICH on the deal. Who are they and why isn't ANYONE talking about this subject ?

  6. My god i could watch and listen to you for hours. Just hearing your commentary and you voices with that laugh crack me up everyday
    💜💜 u Russell. Thank you for sharing your awesome personality with us….

  7. I'm curious: if this virus were engineered by humans in a lab (not a naturally-occuring virus), then what would that mean for people who received a lab- engineered mRNA code as a vaccine for the lab-engineered virus? Double jeopardy?

  8. Fauci could come out and admit everything people say regarding this is true and there would still be tons of people worshiping him as their god like they've been doing for years.

  9. I want to believe it was a matter of incompetence but sadly, their newfound confession putting all blame back on simple "mismanagement and human error" is not sitting well with me, How did it spread to so many countries simultaneously?
    I continue to believe was a deliberate act of sabotage …. only one phase of planned and so far successful genocide agenda.
    I no longer trust ANY government institution and even the medical profession is culpable…whether or not it is naiveté on the
    doctors' part is beside the point. I will no longer cast a vote in an election nor consider anyone else to be the best author of my fate. Critical thinking, more than ever, is necessary. The damage is done and judgement will follow.

  10. Russell….lol. Bunson burner. Baaaahahaha. You are so great! Faucci has been bullying America for over a year…and I heard Beagles too. Hes been picking on Beagles. Can we collect him? Let's collect Faucci. I wanna bully him and save the Beagles!!!!! FF!!!!

  11. There is no trust on Gov't, banks, main stream media and now the medical industry. Democracy is always the way to go. We need to clean house, all over and everywhere. Although, it may take a generation or two, it can be done.

  12. I love this so much I watched it twice ~ sharing it around 😂🤣😂🤣 I don’t know how you do it! Make such alarming news so frickin funny 🤣😂🤣😂 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 💛🇦🇺😉👍🏽

  13. Back in October/November 2019 i travelled a lot between Eastern Europe and Switzerland… I drove mainly trough northern Italy and had of course to stop for refueling or just for a coffee pause… I then got crazy sick and my mother (where i stayed during my visits in CH) got even more sick… She and i had excactly all the Symptoms that later were related to Covid… My mother went to hospital several times but none of the doctors had an explanation for her disease… It is clear for me today that i took the Virus from a gasstation in northern Italy (where at this point lived up to 40K chinese poeple)… My mother tested later in 2020 (not infected again) and had antibodies… Cheers China! What a fuck up!

  14. I think its starting to hit the breaking point since the cost of living keeps getting fucked by big industy thus any postives changes thr goverment does is achuly getting taken advantage by big business specually facebook watching our lives so closely ro oppsite invest into the stock market i think there needs to be a initive to get the worlds population in a self sistaining home meaning you can farm your own food and get extra or trade food items for others in a more community way also solar panels the goverment could eazly make people self sustaining to the point they dont need the goverment but so much of that change isnt getting pushed even focfully since having self sustaining is the way of the future but sombody at the top of the chain wants us to be slaves and do the bidding of the state and push racism to ignore the fact we are all one and the currently regime just makes war and fear gosh they teach racism in school not showing the correct sizes of the countries think i started ranting halfway though xD

  15. A 600 million dollar AC system is right in line with the 700+ Billion dollar defense budget. Interesting how troops are still being issued obsolete equipment and our bases are old as shit. Also how do you spend 1.7 TRILLION dollars creating a singular plane (f-35). How is that possible? Its not. Wake up.

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