COVID evolution and emergence of Omicron (Robert Malone & Bret Weinstein)

Bret speaks with Dr. Robert Malone in Bath, England, nearly a year after their first podcast together.

Dr. Robert Malone is an internationally recognized scientist/physician and the original inventor of mRNA vaccination as a technology, DNA vaccination, and multiple non-viral DNA and RNA/mRNA platform delivery technologies.

He holds numerous fundamental domestic and foreign patents in the fields of gene delivery, delivery formulations, and vaccines: including for fundamental DNA and RNA/mRNA vaccine technologies.
Mentioned in this clip:
The Method of Multiple Working Hypotheses: With this method the dangers of parental affection for a favorite theory can be circumvented, T. C. CHAMBERLIN
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  1. Viruses carried in the body are suppressed by the auto immune system. Now the RNS vax has allowed mutations of these old viruses to re-emerge. Hence Poloio mutation now on the rise in the UK. Watch scarlet fever and all these old viruses re-emerge in vexed people. .

  2. If we are speculating about human agency in the development of Omicron, I'd start looking at how in the weeks leading up to its 'discovery', the news (even the MSN) were full of stories about how un-injected Africa seemed to be doing pretty good after all. South Africa had just cancelled further deliveries of certain injectables, etc. A curiously similar situation to India before Delta exploded there. Also coincidentally, Omicron appeared just in time to fuel the (up to that point flagging) booster campaign in western countries – and of course South African doctors' assurances that Omicron was mild were ignored by all until the booster campaign was over.
    If one presumes a crime, the first (hypothetical) question must be 'who benefits?' And if Omicron hadn't been milder it would've convinced rich countries to foot the bill to inoculate the whole of Africa (willingly or unwillingly) to put and end to that 'hotbed of variants' – and probably force the inoculations on the last pockets of resistance in their own countries, human rights be damned (bye-bye control group). So perhaps it wasn't so much a white hat but a black-as-coal hat doing a rush job with unintended consequences. God writes straight with crooked lines.

  3. We need to explore as a top priority. Examining any and all evidence that these emergency medical treatments compromised the integrity of our immune system. And is behind the emergence of new as well as old viruses (and bacterial infections if they surface) in novel ways. And if it is charges. Criminal and civil. Must be brought against the makers of these ‘vaccines.’ The political leaders as well as the government bureaucrats who pushed or touted them. No more hiding behind plausible deniability.

    Let’s pierce the corporate and bureaucratic veil. So that this colossal mistake not happen again. No more playing with the lives of other people. And thinking one is going to get away with it. For incentives matter. And so does the rule of law.

  4. Colds always jump between humans and animals.

    And when your test literally doesn't distinguish between a specific strain of coronavirus, and instead flags all cold and flu coronaviruses– what do you expect? Of course it's gonna be highly "contagious".

    I seriously don't trust any of the information until they stop using a ubiquitous test, and scraps of code.

  5. Question for CDC experts: who is risk group, under 30 years old with obesity and beer drinker or 60 + having delicious low carb diet and therefore no metabolic problems.? WHO’s is risk group?

  6. I never took the jab, neither did my husband and son. We got the Omnicron in April. Headache for a short period, fever ( never went above 102) fatigue for a period of time after. My husband and son had a sore throat , I did not, I gargled with vinegar and water during this time. We are all fine.

  7. One theory is that what is emerging in the UK is what is coming down the pike for the rest of us. Like Monkey Pox and hepatitis in younger children. And recently polio. For London is at the crossroads of many places internationally. From SE Asia to Africa to the Middle East. I would not be surprised to see MERS surface in the UK. Somewhat inexplicably.

    The emergence of Covid in Northern Italy does not make much sense. For Milan is not on the flight path the same way Paris or London is. And every infectious disease expert knows that air travel is currently the most prominent way to spread any infectious disease. So we need to also examine why Iran and Northern Italy. Both so far away from the lab in Wuhan. Were the first to report cases of Covid 19. For that appears to be an anomaly.

    Thank you for your conversation. Bret I hope you speak and air a conversation with Dr. Philip McMillan from the Vejon Health Group.

  8. I do not trust the CDC FDA or WHO when it comes to this Vaccine. Too many unanswered questions and I am not sure its effective. So I wont take it. There is something wrong when you have to test to find out if you have Covid. I wont test. Have had colds and flus and I have stayed home and recovered. I dont need this.

  9. Let's be straight here. Coronaviruses were never (known since even before MERS and SARS1) good vaccine candidates because:
    -Coronavirus Ig antibodies are short lived
    -Coronaviruses mutate frequently, and always have, so to claim that the vaccination increased this mutation rate is pure speculation
    -Coronaviruses exist in large animal reservoirs,
    So ZeroCovid was always a ridiculous idea.
    Everyone will catch this.
    Be healthy.

  10. Dr. Malone said the strangest things come out of the mouth of Bill Gates but then I don't think he said exactly what it was?🤔ALL that I know is that when Omicron made its appearance, Bill Gates said "sadly" that is going to take the place basically of the vaccine in terms of giving people immunity and allowing them to live. I remember Dr John Campbell commented on the use of the word "sadly" and everyone laughed. Obviously he was sad because his milkcow was not going to keep giving the milk it had been and being a multi-billionaire apparently was not sufficient 4 Gates. IF there was something else Bill Gates said, CAN someone tell me what it was?
    al3so trying to read between the lines I gather doctor Malone is indicating that people who are in the CIA or think like such people have introduced the idea that Omicron was in existence at the lab in China and may have been released -I believe he said- to give people a break from the more virulent form Delta. Im3 not quite sure about that I do recall reading that actually Omicron was detected in Holland BEFORE it was revealed in South Africa so we actually do not know that it came from South Africa. IF it was purposely released by the Chinese, they probably could have released it in several areas such as Holland South Africa other African countries Etc I'm trying to recall but I think it was even found in northern Europe, all about the same time or prior to when it was revealed as existing in South Africa.

  11. Beware – the pro V people are watching Bret's videos, and performing coordinated down voting of comments that most directly expose their con. Then woke YT dutifully erases those comments (sometimes they are perversely "nice" and only s-ban them).
    Incredible that YT (Google) gets away with such brazen and brazenly eveeil sin sore ship.

  12. Im hoping Brett was speaking to Professor Dolores Cahill because she is unbelievably qualified and of course band everywhere and lost her job etc. Hopefully he interview her. On a side note 2020 has been the biggest awakening of my life and best education i ever had and now im never taking a vacation again so this has back fired big time for them.

  13. Variants are likely created in the bodies of immune-compromised people whose immune systems are unable to fight off the virus and so it continues to replicate inside of them. The other source is unvaccinated people, who are like human petri dishes for the virus and who are more likely to get infected, have a higher virus load than vaccinated people. Given that there is a pretty consistent error rate in the transcription of the virus in replication, there will be mutations, some of which will make the virus better able to infect and perhaps more deadly/less deadly. So, in fact, no, it's not the vaccine. You are baffling your followers with big words and terminology they can't understand and you are also throwing out hypotheses that are not supported by the evidence. Shame on the both of you who should and probably do know better. But it's a good grift…

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