Covid Generation OPTS OUT of College, Work in RECORD Numbers | Breaking Points

Krystal examines the reasons why the covid generation is opting out of college education and work in record numbers

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  1. What the FUCK are all these young people doing if theyre not working or going to school? How do you pay for rent? How are you paying for that phone that you use to broadcast every thought you have onto social media?

  2. Well they are lazy as hell and used to getting free stuff. Is this news really surprising? You saw during Covid they didn’t pay their bills and whined the whole time for free stuff. Useless

  3. The so-called universities where critical thinking is explicitly forbidden are just training and indoctrination centers for specialized slaves. I say this as someone who taught myself math and physics, earned a PhD, became a professor, has been to most of the top campuses in the country – these places are anti-intelligence shitholes. They should be cut off from public money immediately. I'm impressed with Gen Z's ability to see the scam for what it is – the next step is to seize power by force.

  4. I worked a lot of jobs. Didn't go to college until I was 27. Worked my way through to become a public-school teacher. Spent thirty years at that job and loved it.
    Everyone's different. A trade school or a degree. Whatever the choice, skills are essential to lifelong earning capability. This is the land of second chances, if a person puts in the work.

  5. KB is really coming across as the daffiest of human beings I have ever seen.
    She's really good at talking…, in circles…
    Can we please get a Real Financial and Economic Analyst on board of Breaking Points?

  6. I agree it's a good era for questioning society's conformity non choices. However, I have high doubts that a "career" as a "unionised" barista is going to be any more fulfilling. People have a very romantic idea of what unionised workplaces look like. My union is mosly upper class and management. Us minions don't matter any more in the union environment than we do astray in the big ole world. Worker/management relationships are very confrontational and it takes a huge chunk out of our paycheck. For what.
    Unions were invented to reduce the horrible working conditions in company today the majority of the unionised work force are the cushy professional jobs.
    Maybe the time for "unions" is behind us, and what we REALLY need is proper WORKERS RIGHTS FOR ALL WORKERS.

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