Covid & Health: Why Can’t We TALK ABOUT The Science?!!

The CEO of salad chain Sweetgreen is facing accusations of fatphobia after he claimed in a since-deleted LinkedIn post that Covid is linked to obesity.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. the fellow's made a mistake on his stats. 78% of the DEAD from covid are obese or morbidly obese. 40% of the dead are diabetic. 2/3's of the dead are male. That's because the covid virus hooks onto ACE 2 receptors. About half the cells in everyone's lungs have ACE 2 receptors. Fat cells have ACE 2 receptors. High blood pressure and diabetes and (sorry guys) testosterone cause the development of more ACE 2 receptors. Skin and melanin cells have no ACE 2 receptors.

  2. Covid-19 has never been isolated you cannot prove that it is real
    And you cannot prove that it is not. But one thing for sure . The test does not test for covid-19. Don't believe me by 10 tests you will get some negative and some positive.

  3. Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I just listened to your video, “Covid & Health: Why Can't We TALK ABOUT The Science?!!” Well done. You repeatedly raised, what I consider to be the most important question with regard to covid: how can we improve the overall standard of health in order to decrease the risk of a severe covid infection. This is why I write to you now.

    Please take some breaths and noticed where you feel most of the sensation of breathing. Breathing produces changing sensations in the body, inhalation feels different from exhalation. Where in your body do you experience changing sensations? You probably feel most of your sensation on the front of your body at the bottom of your rib cage. You may feel some or even most of that sensation on the front of the chest, the front of the body. The sensations of inhalation are generated by muscle contracting. The sensations of exhalation are the sensations of muscle relaxing. For almost everybody the sensations of breathing are limited to the front of the body. Please realize that the vast majority of the muscle fibers in your diaphragm are on the posterior half of the body, probably around 2/3 of those fibers. If your breathing is not producing robust sensation on the back of your body, you are not using those muscle fibers muscle. Almost nobody is using those muscle fibers.

    Most people have heard of "the diaphragm" and know that it is the “breathing muscle.” They may also have a vague idea of where it is located in the body. Unfortunately, this is about all most people know about the thoracic diaphragm. So the people, they sit, stand, lay down, walk around using 15 to 25% of their diaphragmatic capacity. The doctors will not recognize a breathing problem because, even with the profound under utilization of the diaphragm, a person will continue to have a normal oxygen saturation 92% to 100%. We really don't need to use much diaphragm to get plenty of oxygen. What we don't get from our lousy breaths is good fluid motion. Good fluid motion is good physiology. The thoracic diaphragm is so much more than an air pump. For starters, it is also a fluid pump. In fact the diaphragm is the primary driver circulation in the body, far out stripping the heart’s contribution.

    Do you want to know how to, in an easy instant, improve circulation, immunity, metabolism, organ function, mood, structural integrity, autonomic balance for free with zero adverse effects? It starts with finding the posterior portion of the diaphragm. After a 10 minute anatomy lesson, probably on your first or second try you will find the skeletal muscle fibers that you didn't even know existed and they will spring into action offering you a much bigger and a much easier breath than you are used to. We have most of our diaphragmatic muscle fibers on the posterior half of the body because that's where we need the most compression and release, the most pumping action. Every organ system in the body without exception drains to the back wall of the body.

    So, consider a person struggling with a severe respiratory infection. Their body's response to pathogens involves the release of inflammatory mediators. Those mediators increase the leakage of plasma into the extracellular space of the lung tissue. Most of your lung tissue is on the back half of your body. Furthermore, the only drain for the lung empties to the back wall of the body. When the fluid is not moving through the drain or through the tissues it hinders the movement of the immune system. The increasing concentrations of metabolic waste hinders the forward motion of the biochemistry. Moreover the fluid itself simply accumulates and accumulates, sometimes to the point where hydrostatic forces drive that fluid into the alveolar sac. This why people are drowning in their own extra cellular fluid. Imagine what it would mean to a person struggling with a severe respiratory infection if they were to discover that they have a ready to use skeletal muscle pump on the back half of their body with which to move that fluid. Imagine what it might mean if most people were to learn how to manage their fluids before an infection could get to the point of severe. Please help me change this dreadful human condition.

    My, name is M. Anjani Teves. I am an osteopathic physician in Ithaca, New York. I am also a yogi and a martial artist(BJJ brown belt). At this point in my medical career, I do only medical grade bodywork. To be honest, most of what I do is squish lymph, also know as extracellular through the interstitium, the spaces between the cells. In doing so, I remove obstacles to the forward motion of a person’s bio chemistry and the body heals itself. Understand that anything that is congested with lymph will be 1)stiff, like a plant stem is stiff and it's full of fluid. 2) it will probably be painful or at least tender and 3) it will always like the kind of vitality and immune function that it could have if it were not congested. Therefore it is very important to clear fluid from the extracellular space. I can help but, by far the best thing for clearing fluid from the tissues is your own thoracic diaphragm. So the first thing I do with new patients is, teach them to breathe. In doing so, I reveal to them a direct handle on their own physiology. Please give me an hour of your time. After the 10 minute anatomy lesson, I will need about 10 minutes to teach you how to reliably relax and recruit the entire thoracic diaphragm to maximize fluid motion while minimizing effort. Remember, better fluid motion is better physiology. Give me another 20 to 40 minutes and I will show you how to allow that minimal effort to recruit more than 30 other diaphragms in your body. How to allow the wave motion generated by your thoracic diaphragm to mature through all of your tissues. There are more than 40 diaphragms in your body, there are more than 20 of them in your head alone. Because they are all diaphragms, they all possess the capacity to change the pressure gradient. This means that they can all participate in moving air and fluid in the body. They can all participate in breathing if you let them. By the end of that hour, you will have a palpable and reproducible experience of a full body breath. Your body will actually expand spherically in all directions getting a little bigger with each inhale. It will then retract and collapse with each inhale. Would you like to be able to slow your respiratory rate to less than 6 breaths per minute with no sense of air hunger, distress or fighting back nature?

    I can do it via zoom where I taught free breathing classes throughout the first year of the pandemic. Recordings of those classes are available on my YouTube channel. The following link will take you to a recording of a Level 1 Breath Class:

    If you prefer, you can just go to my Youtube channel: M Anjani Teves DO.  I recommend the 1/3/2021 class. (I was in quarantine with covid when I made this video. I had developed mild symptoms about 5 days earlier – fatigue, fever, body aches. I was basically over it in 36 hours with no pharmacological intervention, just breath, yoga, a rebounder and rest.)

    That said, it is best to have me there in a small live class or a one on one session. I will travel to you, at my own expense if that makes it easier for you. I am asking for whatever help you can offer in making this skill common place, available to as many people as possible free of charge.

    Then…we can start to talk about martial arts/jujitsu, yoga and the hydraulic system inherent in a body. A system that can only be activated when the entire thoracic diaphragm comes on line.
    Some things to consider in preparing for this conversation
    Every muscle in the body participates in a diaphragmatic structure. Every major joint complex in the body is stabilized, animated, drained and integrated by a diaphragmatic structure.(So is every major autonomic hub.)
    Diaphragms can generate vectors.
    Diaphragms can generate vortices (mobility of the jellyfish.)
    Contemplate the many diaphragms you encounter in your external environment. The sail the kite, the parachute, a jellyfish, the trampoline, tennis/squash racket, the drumhead, the spiderweb, a tree leaf, the surface tension on the body of water, the sheathing on the building frame, the subfloor – all of these structures displayed different capacities inherent to diaphragms. The factors that determine the display of one capacity versus another is the tension in the sheet and the shape and nature of the frame. Most of the diaphragms in our bodies are muscular so we can adjust the tension in the sheet as well as the shape of the frame. In short we can use our diaphragms to generate any of these extraordinary capacities.
    Finally, consider why a person gets “winded.” It's not for lack of oxygen, fatigue arises as a result of poor metabolic waste removal from the tissues, poor fluid motion, poor breathing. It is the accumulation of waste production that impairs the utilization of oxygen. Want to minimize waste removal(exercise tolerance)? Pant, breathe fast with your mouth open. Want to maximize fluid motion(exercise tolerance,) waste removal? Close your mouth, create a suction seal. Breathe bigger and slower with every diaphragm in your body.

    I guarantee, that when you learn how to generate structure and motion with your hydraulic system, your experience of movement will be qualitatively different. It will likely surprise you because it is not hard to learn or do…you will not need to wall yourself into a dark cave for 7 years, eating only nettles to acquire this skill. It is inherent in our bodies, it is our birthright. Please help me share this with the world while improving your own jujitsu.

  4. One thing that should be remembered when citing that 78% of the CoVID hospitalizations are overweight or obese: 73% of Americans are overweight or obese.

    Consider what value the 5% difference holds

  5. Russell, you are so right. The position we now find ourselves in is beyond politics, and up to the individual. Putting all else aside, the best way to protect ourselves is to avoid an unmasked mouth, and wash totally should we have been exposed. Unfortunately, being vaccinated makes one feel bullet-proof; without realising we can still catch and transmit covid. I do believe the underplaying of masks has perpetuated this crap. Boris justified his reluctance (in the early days) to tell citizens to wear a mask as…"that is what they do in China….." . Northern hemisphere is now going into winter with dubious vaccines to keep them safe. (and still no data on Vacc. problems.) Hang tight my buddies!

  6. Funny how conditioned people are to need laws to get people to do things. Is it not enough to know that obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure are dietary specific ailments? No, we must PASS ANOTHER FUCKING LAW.

  7. I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist.. But Here I Go.. I just find it really interesting covid hits at the same time everything goes to 5g…
    There are those who claim 5G is like taking the door off door microwave and then turning it on… Just say'en.. all symptoms if any of the 5G Fallout would naturally be blaimed on covid..Hmmmmm

  8. Fat-shaming? That is a bit of stretch even if you only have a pair of neurons left. That must have been a russian troll, but if it wasn't, Fat people are unhealth, sometimes what make them eat is a psychological trauma, which makes the person have a sick body and mind.

  9. Dont let google win in the battle of the dislikes. This is censorship on mass scale and should be considered a crime against humanity!!! Most news channels already have comments disabled not allowing an open discussion on a matter but this just hits the nail on the head…

  10. Why can't we just come out with it! Fat / obese people are prone to disease, and dying early! I believe they know it, and are too lazy to use self control, or just don't care as long as someone doesn't try to take their bag of Doritos

  11. What Russel says is just so obvious and there is a lot evidence out there. Still i know some people who dont take this as a fact but rather emphasise on an odd curiosity that links the existence of a "neanderthal gene" to severe covid outcomes. I cannot believe it. Thanks Russel.

  12. The elites responsible for this have thought of all these mental and physical consequences. They've planned this out in many facets. The GOAL is for us to get ill, aquire mental issues, gain drug and alcohol addictions, fight each other tooth and nail, and die. That's the plan. It's 1000% anti health. Ppl that think this v is about health has their head in their smelly ass. Tho maybe they enjoy the smell of shit.

  13. Let’s be real here.

    The man simply stated the facts of the matter and simply said “Is there a link between the two?” Paraphrasing obviously but still if 73% of the people having the gravest symptoms are fat….. you might want to get into a shape other than round, instead of expecting that a few hundred shot of something is going to stop you from dying or reaping the harder or more deadly parts of a health challenge.

  14. 11.30 "can we communicate clearly without fear of reprisals…?" Yes, we can. Russell (or whomever deals with checking these comments) could we do a talk about how we use language? I only know English properly, but there are principles that would help us all to communicate in a manner that demonstrates more awareness (as you clearly do) and could thereby contribute to us establishing a less confrontational, judgemental standard. As people who consider these things closely, would an open discussion about linguistic selections, paying attention and exercising reason with the way we construct or conversations seem like worthwhile content for a broadcast? If so, please feel free to get in touch. Kindest thanks. In Lak'ech Hala K'en. 🙏🤜🤛💜

  15. Let's just say if you are overweight and already struggling to breathe it's obvious that you'll suffer more from Covid than someone who is at healthier weight who works out.
    And this coming from a larger man.

  16. Sadly it feels like it’s no longer an option to say your opinion nearly anywhere, cause there’s so many snowflakes out there who see it as a personal attack, or you get demonetized or banned on several platforms, unless you censor yourself and chose your words wisely. The entire world has gone mad.

  17. The 78% figure is significant only if the population is not 78% obese. I presume obesity is not so prevalent, in which case it is significant. But I suppose we can't talk about facts anymore in case someone doesn't like them.

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