Covid Lies Exposed: Pandemic of the Unvaccinated/Natural Immunity

Slowly but surely the entire narrative surrounding Covid is beginning to crumble. In this video we take a look at how the unvaccinated were vindicated when it came to natural immunity and that they were responsible largely for the spread of Covid.

Written by MilkBarTV


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  1. How good is it being forced to take a product that's maybe 40% effective (at best), that doesnt stop you getting it or passing it on and only achieved approval from Governments under emergency legislation that indemnified manufacturers. Geez, its the new sliced bread.
    A product that offers nothing near the protection that natural immunity does all in the context of 99.5% recovery rate. Wow, go figure.
    Well heck, sign me up Shazza….., oh wait, mandates….My Body My Choice, excepts for those darn mandates…..

    Its a free world I suppose.

  2. I've been debunking the media and "the science" myself, in February I caught COVID while unvaccinated, it lasted a total of 18 hours, only symptoms was a slight headache and slight body aches. after that I hung around COVID positive people to see if I could catch it again to which no avail. Natural immunity is better and stronger than vaccine-induced immunity gets a tick ✅.

    Fast-forward to today, I had my second jab last week by coercion, (Pfizer #1 8 weeks ago, Novavax #2, doctor specified Novavax for #2 because Pfizer made me sick for 3 weeks, Novavax wasn't much better, it knocked me over pretty much straight away but the affects didn't linger like Pfizer did) "safe and effective" gets a cross ❌.

  3. Well, I waited out the ‘virus’ & the state gov’s attempts to coerce & blackmail me. Now just waiting out the Dicktator, chief medical flog Sutton & the rest. It doesn’t seem like such a fantasy world actually Brett when loads of us have found ways to get the banned early treatments in spite of the ‘health authorities’. My 77 year old parent was fine after 1 day & ironically it is our j4bed mates taxing the stash now.

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