COVID lockdowns lead to giant protests.


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Written by Louis Rossmann


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  1. "A hard lockdown and we are done". This started with a patient Zero. One person. Thinking you can eradicate this with a Lockdown is naive.
    "I don't remember it to be part of the social contract, that my freedom ends when hospital beds become scarce". Your freedom ends where ~51% of people decide it ends. Changes to the constitution are at~67% in the USA. That's the social contract. Tough luck if you are not into democracy.
    "We have not increased hospital capacity". Intensive care ventilator cost tens of thousands, try to provide that for several percent of the population. Ramping up the production, tooling, train factory workers and convince manufacturers to make that investment for the next few years only? Good luck. But the biggest problem is training of nurses and doctors. That takes years. There is no doubt that there is money thrown at this at a rate that under any other circumstance would be deemed idiotic and this is what you get!
    "…Assistent Principal… and he was on a power trip all the time…". If his actions were saving lives they would be justified! False equivalence.
    "If they had gotten vaccinated, if we had a higher rate, we would not have to lock down your business". The vaccination does not always prevent infection. This has to be expected with the new mutations. Does it help with infections and keeps a lot of people out of the ICU? Absolutely. Does it delay and shorten lockdowns? No doubt.
    "Where are you going to be able to point the finger?" Are you suggesting the global epidemic is an excuse to harass people? Most people are trying their best to prevent deaths and shutdowns. Then there are those anti mask, anti vaccine people and some get infected on purpose.
    Their actions lead to more and longer lockdowns and more deaths. If someone shits in a public pool, pointing the finger at them is not the problem!
    Don't assume i get a kick out of shaming people or being angry at antivaxxers.
    "Lockdowns this late in?" This is about freedom and economics vs. human lives. The Spanish flu lasted two years and the biggest black death epidemic seven years. It's over when it's over.

  2. Its run for no profit, its for the people? are you serious? we need to pay monthly for insurance and hospitals are never going into debt, only if ceo's of it are greedy and want more money, thats the only way hospital its going in debt. Its all one big lobby same as pharmacy. Yeah eat these multivitamins that we created, eat them and you will be healthy. My ass, they dont give a shit about my health.

  3. Lockdowns now aren't meant to get rid of the virus, that ship sailed many years ago. A lockdown will temporarily stop the increase in spread and thus ease the load on health services. After all, there isn't an endless supply of nurses and health resources etc. That said, the efficacy of lockdowns is disputed and there are many ill effects in other areas of society. We've yet to experience a single lockdown here in Sweden which I'm grateful for.

  4. In the Netherlands, the reason for the lockdown is also that the hospitals can't take it anymore. (we have a half lockdown after 17:00 restaurants close)
    You said a solution would be to make more room in the hospitals. The problem is we have a lack of staff in hospitals, because of that people get overworked. There are open positions but no one to fill them. Some hospitals already added independent contractors even though they are more expensive but they can't get other help. Their future plan is to get more people to follow the education for the missing places but this is not something you simply fix in a year. I normally agree with your statement but not this time.
    We have a real problem with hospitals having to stop other appointments because of all the covid patience at the hospitals, they can't get more workers, 1 year is not enough to fill in all positions. There are till now two proven solutions for not spreading it fast or not getting really ill, that is getting vaccinated and keeping a distance(also washing hands and having enough moving air, etc.). I disagree that you can blame only the unvaccinated people because I think it's partly on the blame that people also don't take care of the distancing rules and the rules surrounding that in the first place. But for the hospital beds, we have facts. 50% of the covid people in the hospital are not vaccinated. It sounds like the vaccination then doesn't help but we have 85% fully vaccinated. so 15% of the population is taking up 50% of all the covid patience in the hospitals, meanwhile from the IC beds 60.4% is covid patience and 80% of that is not vaccinated patience. In the end, they didn't want to take the vaccination and we have to pay for their choice(I mean money related). The same counts for the people that got vaccinated but didn't stick to the basic rules and because of that got covid or became one of the 50% covid patience on that do need hospital care.
    Is it okay that we get half lockdowns and things are still not smooth at all so long after? No, it isn't but I also don't think we can blame only the government. because yes that is also what the protesters do and did a year ago. meanwhile on the other side people are complaining that there should have been a long down earlier and the rules are to lose. For now how I see the future is getting people protected against corona or through vaccination or through getting infected because it seems to happen anyway if people want to or not. For the future, I hope that pills like the one phizer if making help against covid. this way corona would still go around the world but people can after they know they have corona take the pill and have a 90% less chance of getting hospitalized.(of course of the people end up taking it. not sure if people like pills more then vaccinations XD)

  5. Here in Minnesota they spoke about the ICUs being nearly full. The truth was they were something like 75% full always, and 5% more full due to covid. So they'd be telling you the ICUs are 80% full, when in reality we could have had 5x the covid cases and only barely reached 100% capacity.

    And then we have DOUBLE the overflow capacity not even being used. So enough beds for over 20x the covid cases.

  6. People keep saying doctors are a shortage but that's a bunch of bull. You need to think outside the hospital. Think of all the doctors that do not work in hospitals that could assist in an overflow triage situation. Think of all the military personnel that could do basic things like take temperatures and blood pressure. If you think as a country we couldn't care for 300% of ICU capacity, you're not thinking like a champion.

  7. And yes, its confusing…. I am vaccinated twice with Biontech and still got infected with Covid by all cautions … Now I am asking myself, what was the point of the vaccination?

  8. It is run for the profit. The gonverment missed their chance to create proper incentives to make medical staff paid properly. They completely fucked up in Germany. They do exactly say that, unvaccinated people are being discriminated against heavily.

  9. Dude, I love your movement, I admire your job, but you are not a public health expert, this is about people running those ICU, you can't double the ICU spaces in 18 months because yeah, not only we have a chips shortage that hold us from more machines, we can't prepare ICU especialist for those double the spaces in this timeframe because no, is not nurses only sit next to a pacient, is about the person monintoring even 20 to 30 people

  10. The only lockdowns that should be happening now is the locking down of the leaders that have failed us all. If they are all locked up indefinitely and at the same time, they will start singing the truth. The truth is out there.

  11. Why do people think swiper no swiping works in real life?
    Psychopaths are not going to magically grow morals and values and stop fucking us over.
    To keep the fox from stealing, you dead the fox.
    We outnumber these types a million to one still, yet nothing changes.
    They're real people, they have addresses… How about ridding society of the source of its problems.
    Maybe human history could stop repeating the same loop every decade…and we could see actual human progress at some point in our lifetimes.

  12. Look, let's say you need to go to the hospital and are dying. Your "Freedom Ends" when you can't get treatment and could die. As I see it, your social contract isn't directly connected to hospital beds unless you are living through something that rapidly fills up beds in a hospital.

  13. Increasing beds is one thing, but that is treatment not prevention. You don't prevent people from getting a disease or virus through treatment. Your analogy to your principal or whatever doesn't correlate directly. If people aren't wearing their masks or getting the vaccine or whatever and trying to help PREVENT people form getting the virus, then yes we should be mad at those people, not the government telling them that they should be vaccinated. What you say doesn't make any sense.

  14. The answer is YES you can point at the unvaccinated, because it's not about preventing infection. Cases are going to go up. People are going to catch COVID. VACCINATED people.
    However aside from it putting much less burden on the hospital system, the fact that the infection is retarded by the vaccine LOWERS POSSIBILITY FOR MUTATION.

    Mutation is the enemy. Free-running infections breed mutations. Short infections breed much less mutations.
    If we want this to be the smallpox model (eradicated) and not the flu model (new vaccines required each year due to skyhigh mutation rate), then we have to get vaccinated.

    If you want to cope with new mutations every year, with the potential that one has a chance of mutating into something much more deadly and transmissable than the current virus; then go ahead, bleat about vaccinations not affecting infection counts on graphs – but you're missing the point.

    Every unvaccinated person is a walking COVID mutation incubation chamber.
    So you got it and recovered. Great. Did you pass it on to anyone? How many mutations did the virus accrue whilst it lived in you?

  15. It's bulls**t. The Mr gilberto's are the ones that planned executed and still even want us all still locked down. They act like dictators and should be deprived of power and be held personally responsible for their miss use of power. Every tree is known by its fruit.

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