COVID Narratives are Falling Apart

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  1. Spot on there with the abuse of time off. I recently went back to college (university for you blokes) and I can't tell you how many times the coof was used to cancel classes and generally slack off. I'm not too happy being back in this environment to begin with, but the lazy faculty has really added to this frustration.

    I'm especially peeved that my lab section had a lot of strict expectations for students, but my professor took the liberty to email us at 9:40pm that she felt "a little ill" so the first day would be over zoom. Her class started at 8am and there's literally no way I would have seen that email before making my way there.

    She wasted a ton of my time that day and I sent her a simple email explaining why communications that late are not possible. She had a total fit about how bad she felt, about notifying us as soon as she felt sick, and how I should watch my tone when speaking to professors. To me this whole charade was a thinly veiled excuse not to wake up so early and she was really triggered that I called it out. This is the same professor who unenrolls students for missing a quiz deadline…

    I'm pretty bothered by this grandiose attitude for being an educator when I'm paying her to render a service, not to disrespect my time or apply unreasonable consequences. Especially because she's one of those professors that has TAs do all the legwork for her. The real plague is mediocre academics with god complexes.

  2. Face masks (even the cloth ones), social distancing and lockdowns prevent the spread of airborne viral infections. We have empirical evidence of this, as flu cases have dropped to statistically insignificant levels.

    So why didn't they prevent the spread of Covid?

  3. "We just copied China because we didn't know what to do"!!! Balls. Even NZ had a Pandemic Plan prepared in 2008 (and presumably with revisions since). They threw out their plans in order to do what they did. Now we get to pay into the future…

  4. They're not dead on airlines, health and care settings. Restrictions continue in those settings indefinitely with no sign of them ever being lifted. Forevermore, a persistent reminder of fear and danger on every person's face by demand of compliance.

  5. Take note: the covid laws are being "relaxed" and not repealed.

    Until the emergency laws are repealed our freedoms are only being loaned back to us in return for good behaviour until the next crisis comes along.

  6. I think people in the U.K. complied in March 2020 in good faith. I doubt they’ll do it again and especially not for climate change. Too many politicians were caught out breaking their own rules for it to be credible again.

  7. I have mixed feelings. Obviously the 'return' of freedoms is a good thing. However we should not return to the days that we normalized going to work sick as a dog, where employers would badger and harass employees if they were really 'too sick'.

  8. Lol at the sports analogy. It shows the extent to which they view the situation as within sight of a “win condition”. What would that be with respect to the endemic? Nonsense. In terms of tyrannical takeover though…

  9. No worries, guys. I'm safe for now. I'm in TN & haven't worn a mask in over a year. As far as the liberal wackos go, I knew they hated me before they did. Always remember: all liberals hate those who don't hate themselves. It never had anything to do with politics. Liberals simply hate themselves & it makes them angry when you feel good about yourself. That's all it ever was or will be.

  10. Now Boris – get on with the job of breaking-the-back of WOKE in our schools, universities and government institutions and putting a hard-break on Immigration. That done you may get back into government… so long as you don't go 'Climate-Change-Crazy'…

  11. Don't forgive that clown or his entourage. He is still responsible for lots of unnecessary deaths from his draconian policies. He still pushed shit data from Whitty and his crew to justify his actions. Fuck Boris. He's still a tyrant and deserves to be treated as such until justice is served.

  12. I WOULD move out of the Blue Hell-hole that is Minnesota, but my Mom didn't want the "hassle" & "can't find a decent offer on the house" for them to move to Texas, and I don't want to leave Dad alone to care for her.

  13. My work forced me to have 10 days off work. I'm now £600 down and struggling with my payments. They actually made me send photos of the negative test two days in a row before they let me back.

  14. Yesterday, being anti-mandate set you apart as a dangerous extremist; today, it's public policy. This egregious disregard for truth being the norm in our world is a tough pill to swallow. FUCK these people.

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