COVID needs to be maximally terrifying (from Livestream #109)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #109 (originally streamed live on December 18, 2021):


CDC Data on Covid Deaths:

FDA document from October 26, 2021: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki explaining why the children will be fine:

Macker, T. Fact’s Two Faces: On the Masking of Children at School. Front Porch Republic, December 8, 2021.

What is this a clip from?
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  1. This is a comment lifted from another site and I couldn't say it any better.
    "If you have to be persuaded, pressured, reminded, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized ….. if all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance, you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest" Ian Watson

  2. While I don’t always agree, these conversations are missing in the public space. I also think the availability of data is important to counter bias in the data so people like you can show opposing data points. Thank you!

  3. Concerning long covid, an official study in France has shown that out of 27,000 'cases', 26,000 of them did not have covid antibodies. Meaning that they never had it. The conclusion of the interviewed scientist : ' their supposed condition is a 'view of the mind' , it is psychosomatic. Very interesting finding that I did not come across yet in the Anglosphere.

  4. Remember, they have scared people into believing that kids need to be vaccinated in order to protect other people, like their grandparents and teachers from covid, not the children from covid.
    This is the sickness of this fear propaganda.

  5. People who accept what these criminal corporations tells them to do, have to have something seriously wrong with their brains. Not surprised since the American diet is just bad and unhealthy for you. And, not surprised about that, since they want to keep you sick and dying anyway, more profits for them.

  6. I am very Liberal. Yet, I have had all my relationships pretty much severed over Covid, I fear. The absolute cult-like stance among folks who proclaim they are "rational" and "pro science" and yet are changing "vaccine, vaccine!!" and "trust the science" (as though we don't) is terrifying!. I had a friend in England who had both AStra Zeneca shots and then a Pfizer booster. Immediately she was ill (headache, nausea) and by the next morning she had lost her ability to speak and eat. She was rushed to the hospital and stayed there for a week. and was given an MRI where they determined she had a "very rare reaction to the vaccine". She eventually regained her speech and ability to eat (but was on a liquid diet for over a week). Yet, we are not allowed to talk about this. AT ALL. Folks want this kind of information to be "hush hush". I understand that there are vaccine injuries and sometimes that happens for the greater good (and why there are vaccine injury compensation funds….) BUT COVID and this MRNA is a beast unto itself and we just simply DO NOT KNOW and we must be allowed to have ALL information (not information doled over over 50 years mind you!!!!) and be allowed to investigate AND tell our stories.. and yet that is verboten!!!! THat is what is sending up red flags all over the place. I say ENOUGH!!!!

  7. I have been supplementing with D3 since 2016 (for chronic fatigue and depression etc) cured me there.. I have taken Colloidal silver at the first sign of a gland "hurting" and it clears it right up. That is about all I have been "Sick with" during this entire 2 year period. I think I may have gotten covid (despite 3 negative tests) because of this sore gland. I will also say that I have O Positive blood which I have read that has something to do with not getting sick with Covid.. But while I Have gotten the JNJ vaccine (where I had bad vertigo for over 2 weeks.. probably blood pressure related) I haven't gotten anything else. Nor will I… And yet I still have to deal ith the litany and shaming of folks "you are bad cause yOU haven't gotten your BOOSTER!!!!!"..

  8. As of yesterday [Dec. 22], 129 people have been hospitalized with Omicron and 14 died from Omicron, in the entire world. Don't you think we're all RIDICULOUSLY overreacting to Omicron?

  9. I did not get the jab. My son did. We went to Roseville, CA to see my nephew perform at a club. Very crowed place. My son wore a gator, I did not wear a mask. I know it was risky. Anyway, something very odd happened. As we walked by several individuals, I suddenly felt I had just been exposed to COVID. I don't know how I knew, I just did. I know this sounds weird, paranoid even, but I tested positive yesterday and my son tested positive today. There is more going on than just mere exposure to other infected people. Any ideas?

  10. We are pushed by the government to get boostered faster than ever. Especially by the once who rule the party's of government that are of the church and the biggest pusher Hugo de Jonge is accused of cocaïne use and is leader of a church party the CDA in Holland, related to ELSEVIER!

  11. What happened to your brother Bret? Seems to be off the grid ever since totalitarianism has been implemented on a world wide scale. Seems like he is making the same mistake that many people are, if you keep you're head down and follow the rules maybe they'll just leave me alone and all the rights we lost will miraculously reappear if we just take 2 more weeks to flatten the curve. What's the worst part about 2 weeks to flatten the curve? The 2nd year anniversary. Merry Christmas, Bret you're doing you're best and I commend you for it.

  12. I had covid 4 weeks ago and I will say the fear of the unknown was the worst part of it. I had a very mild case didnt even realize it was covid until my 9th day by the 13th day I knew I was on the road to recovery. It does take a toll on the body the 2 weeks after were harder for me because I had to go back to work and I tired very easily…Upped my vitamins finally starting to feel like myself..

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