Covid: NHS infectious diseases consultant on his reasons behind not getting vaccinated

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  1. No actual benefit other then if you have the vaccine money flows into the pockets of big pharma….big pharmacy owns the people telling us we need a vaccine.

  2. Doctors and Nurses who has spoken out against the vaccine over the last two years has been attacked by governments,.doctors, scientists and the vaxed cult simply for speaking the truth about the virus and the fact a vaccine is not needed, that the vaccine is very questionable, and that you have a degree of natural immunity that is equal if not better than the Vaccine. Medical professionals have been fired from jobs, attacked and even removed from social media platforms, and has suffered discrimination from fellow professionals and even seen people try to comply discredit their qualifications all because they rightfully won't just go with the big lie and will actually say what the government don't want us to know. The Vaccine is not essential, we do not all need to be vaxed and it's time we move on from the virus. It's a simple truth that people can't handle and don't want to hear. If someone wants to be vaxed, that is their choice but that's just it, everyone haves a choice and a right to choose. It's time we move on from this covid nonsense and get back to a normal society.

  3. In Cyprus all people I know who caught omicron were at least 2x vaxxed..As an unvaxed person I have been testing every 48 hours in order to shop for food, enter a mall etc (we are banned from all hospitality venues). I have NEVER tested positive.

  4. Meanwhile from February children up to age 15 can travel with proof of previous infection so why is this not being afforded to all of the unvaccinated that have natural immunity. Utter madness

  5. What he's saying. that infection confers natural immunity and that asymptomatic carriers do not transmit disease. is old. established knowledge. It's only the pseudoscientific propaganda that has been circulated by governments and so-called public health agencies over the past two years that has confused the public into believing otherwise

  6. He makes sense he has natural immunity now why does he need to risk a vaccine , with side effects. He has better antibodies. He is also stating for this scenario he doesn’t see it necessary he isn’t saying he is anti vaccines etc

  7. Being vaccinated dosent stop you spreading covid I could understand the argument if it did but being unvaccinated is not going to make you spread it more than someone who has been vaccinated 😨😨 my head hurts it must be covid

  8. I’d say to that don’t be so blooming stupid. If he’s had the covid he has just as much if not more immunity than the vaccinated. Stop warning resources and let these people alone to do their work.

  9. How has everyone missed Bojo’s speech last week about no mandates? He surely can’t still be applying them to the nhs if he’s removed them from everyone else?

  10. Let's look at China and the Government bullying with the one child family. Now they don't have enough young people. Governments make mistakes. They are promoting vaping. They promoted smoking. They promoted ITA English Twaddle. Sack them.

  11. 16 years service and now I’m told if I don’t have a “vaccine” that doesn’t stop me contracting or passing on covid I lose everything??? This isn’t even legal… how is this being allowed to happen? What because someone with shares in big pharma decides they need more profits and that makes it ok to bypass the Geneva convention which was put in place to protect us from fascist, tyrannical, dictators who have their own agendas and no care for the good of the people… these are exactly the people it was put in place for! I got my manager to document that I’m being forced against my will to take it so if I’m one of the many with life changing side effects that government and their media dont want to report, my wife has evidence to sue them! I will take at least 2 weeks sick every time I’m forced to take part in their pointless experiment and that includes the mandatory flu “vaccines” they have planned for later this year! Absolute scum, everyone involved in this mandating deserves a special place in hell

  12. Mmmmm of cause it don’t reduce transmission but what it does is bring down hospital admissions from 100 to 4 if if a 100 get vaccinated, that’s still out of 100 admissions of unvaccinated to hospital is still 100 . Who’s this guy working for dr malone

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