COVID Policy Is All Wrong! Says Top Immunologist

Top Israeli immunologist Dr. Ehud Qimron has penned a scathing open letter excoriating the Israeli government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, detailing all the misinformation, bad science and duplicity that has characterized policy-making since COVID-19 first appeared.

Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Qimron’s specific accusations.

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  1. Hey Jimmy, FYI: Your videos have been choppy the past week or two…

    Related to your show, I think you should stop calling yourself "left".
    Wouldn't it be better to call yourself something like a "Classical Liberal"
    As a registered independent, I often find myself claiming that I hold classically liberal ideas, much to the horror of my Republican friends.
    But once I start defining what that means, to a republican, it turns out we have a lot more in common than we have in conflict.
    Ironically, when I engage a "liberal democrat" in the same discourse, we can't seem to find any common ground?! I label these people "lefties".

    Thanks for simply speaking the truth, Jimmy & Crew!

  2. There is no way Jimmy does it show sober or maybe he does either way even if he doesn't do a show sober it's sad because of how many people really suck I mean I can do Jimmy show drunk and do a better job doing his show drunk the most news media outlets do sober

  3. Dr. John Campbell recently showed the actual number of healthy people who have died in England and Wales from covid over the past 2 yrs. It's astonishing how inflated the numbers are and how low the actual threat to healthy people is.

  4. WARNING TMI: My menstral cycle was FUCKED UP after my second shot for several months. The cramps were so bad right after the second shot that I crawled to the bathroom to throw up. And I usually have really bad cramps but this was insane. It was irregular and crazy.. So there's my info on my mensies Jimmy! Hahaha!

  5. Media? Why do people still called this corporates employees Media? If anything ends with 'brought to you by ' ,you know that nothing they said is true, only what the highest paying corporations want us to buy, in other words bunch of criminals with a microphone, where is the FBI investigation on killing for profit media and corporations?

  6. Sorry but pretty sure Chunk has already kicked you out. lol I saw a video of him last night doing his rant about how terrible you and Dave Rubin are. It's hilarious to see how stressed you make him when you could care less. heehee

  7. O'biden Administration said this is the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated. Stop.
    O'biden administration admits they are allowing tens of thousands Unvaccinated illegal immigrants into America. Stop.
    Isn't it strange, no bleeding heart Democrats or State run media opertives decrying the horrors of all the Unvaccinated immigrants dying and filling our hospitals all across the country. Stop.
    It's because its not happening to the Unvaccinated immigrants.
    More evidence of Democrats manufacturing a phoney narrative to keep Americans scare and under the deep state Democrat control.

  8. Thanks Jimmy. Better 2 years later than never (I hope!!). Too bad you didn't see the obvious 2 years ago. Now we're seeing doctors and other officials covering their ass. Take names!!!

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