Covid Policy REVEALS Why Our Institutions Are Crumbling | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar have James Li explain how the covid policy by the US during the pandemic has revealed why our institutions are crumbling to no end

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James Li:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. All these positions should be civil service positions filled by a selection service roster. I'd trust anyone of these people in the comments section before any corporatist/ "Career" politician.

  2. As a registered independent I must say DEMOCRATS were just short of allowing death squads for the UNVACCINATED! My liberal friends turned into Satan trying to force shots on others.🤨 We are no longer friends.

  3. This all makes me wonder. What happens when the next pandemic comes around and everyone doesnt take any precautions because no one trusts the institutions anymore. Now what if the next virus or whatever is truly nasty, I'm talking mass death. People will die because we can't trust our institutions.

  4. This piece is fantastic. Excellent summary of this very serious problem.

    Dissent can not be suppressed, we need debate, civil discourse, and we can not allow government, big tech, or anyone else to become the arbiters of truth, especially when they have a proven track record of repeatedly lying.

  5. almost like calling it all a gigantic power grab by the elite from the get go was accurate.
    hey and it worked great too, so they'll be more ambitious next time no doubt. good job everyone

  6. Fantastic piece – not only the content but delivery as well. I don't know where James Li came from but I'm now a fan. Yes, I feel very strongly that the most consequential effect of Covid has been the stunning display of obfuscation, censorship, and outright lies by many of our institutions, and the distrust this has fomented in not just the right, but center, and left as well.

  7. James, I implore you to get a new Twitter profile pic without the fun red glasses. Appearances matter, and you look like a totally different guy here in comparison, and for the better.

  8. If there’s one policy that’s made me reconsider my conservative roots, it was the medical decisions about the pandemic made carried out by agencies, or what I now know to be “the executive branch bypassing checks-and-balances.” As a medical professional myself and having COVID pretty early on, I wised-up pretty quickly to the reality. Millions of people needlessly died because the government chose a fiscally-sponsored experimental treatment and then outright outlawed/witch-hunted other generic off-label treatments that were not only incredibly safe but had well documented prior histories of working against all coronaviruses in general. The CARES act gave hospitals an extra $1000 per victim if the death certificate read “COVID-19.” All while politicians leveraged with options made an absolute killing because of their Disaster-Capitalism model which sadly has become the norm now. I hope one day people will know the truth about this pandemic.

  9. Enjoyed the observations. Left out of your historical portion you left out the inability to discuss Libia, ISIS, Russia Gate, and Afghanistan (Hunter Bidden business dealings?). When the institutions dictate what we can talk about their is no freedom of speech or thought.

  10. 6:47 hol' up there lil buddy.
    People weren't getting banned for some BS like just having some good faith discussions about the vaccine. People were getting banned for actively telling people to NOT get the vaccine. People, well some people, were getting banned trying to give group of strangers on the internet medical advice. Medical advice that did not include getting the vaccine.
    And most people in that following were 1 for 1 part of the movement of people who refused to ever wear a mask even in a nursing home.
    Here's the thing let's imagine you won a Billion Dollars playing Russian Roulette even with crazy odds like with 5 rounds still in the chamber. But without your knowledge 2 of those 5 rounds were replaced with blanks. Yet you still land on the empty chamber and win it all.
    Now just because you won and didn't BLOW YOUR OWN BRAINS OUT doesn't mean you had a strategy or that you had any special divine insight or knowledge.
    Just plain dumb luck.
    AND that is just as true in this situation as it would be for any idiot on the internet early in the pandemic trying to convince so many of you other idiots that
    masks deplete O2 levels or
    Its not as harmful to kids
    that telling people to take medicine made and prescribed for an animal.
    Congratulations for getting something right but again just guessing and taking the contrary position on a topic just to own the libs does NOT count.
    Your just lucky you didn't blow your metaphorical brains out
    And for you trump supporters, HERES ONE TO PONDER ON DURING YOUR FREE TIME:
    If your boi Trump didnt start doubting the pandemic so early on when so many people were still dying because he wanted to appeal to the supporters who were neck deep in all sorts of coviD conspiracies, well then, he probably would have won.

  11. To hear someone finally say “we can’t expect the vaccine to do better than natural immunity” is music to my ears. Now if they could just recognize this nation wide that would be great!

  12. Isn’t this the problem with liars? You can’t trust them? I know some people will say that National Security requires Governments to lie. But then don’t be surprised when people stop believing their government. That’s why I don’t believe what they tell me about Boosters, Ukraine, Jan 6, Inflation, Supply Chains, Russia or China. They’re lying about everything, especially that Joe Biden is not demented and running the Country.

  13. One other thing, if we want to TRY to change course we need to FIRE all our current elected officials. That means we start by re-electing NO ONE! Get rid of them all, none of them are doing anything for us. Then we need to have the President to FIRE the top officials at the CIA, FBI, DHS, and DEA. Then tax the Billionaires into oblivion and nationalize the Energy, Defense, and Healthcare industries. No one should profit from government give-a-ways of the National Resources, or war and disease.Then we might be able to stop the demolition of our democracy by Corporation’s and the Wealthy.

  14. The whole ministry of truth debacle should be frightening to everyone. If the left was able to suppress lab leak for over a year as misinformation, how are they going to react when the right is back in power and wields the same authority.

  15. I trust small businesses more than military and the rest. Cut military overspending, pork projects and taxpayer waste, we can finally look forward to mass transit projects like high speed trains and more.

  16. THE problem is Only Officially sanctioned "Experts" are allowed to talk. Other, formerly recognized experts are vilified, threatened, or voices removed (I am looking at you "Wikipedia") if they had even a concern. Screw Noble Lies. The public will make bad and good decisions. Be reasonable and majority will follow good guidance. In a free and open society, you are required to accept such diverse results among opinions or you are neither.

  17. Just to remind everyone how this started at the top and continued through Biden's leadership:
    “I wanted to always play it down, I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic.”
    -Trump, March 19th 2020

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