Covid POWER GRAB: Your Freedoms Gone FOREVER?!!

Governments around the world have used the pandemic to bring in new powers, while some are considering making coronavirus laws permanent – including the ability to impose lockdowns and restrict gatherings.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. When will the surveillance and protective powers that were granted to authorities during the 911 attacks be repealed??? There's your answer.

  2. What's funny is Russell Brand started out as a not so smart guy in the eyes of the media and in reality he's a great person who has a wonderful grasp of hard to explain and talk about subjects. one of my favorites. Happy I found this channel

  3. Namaste!
    11:00 "We have granted them sovereignty over us…"
    Mate, we never granted them sovereignty; we were all born into a world (their world, it seems) that was already tied up like this…We had no choice.
    As you know, we were all given to be registered at birth by our "informant" mother or father, as it says on a UK passport at least.

  4. 1984 dystopian nightmare timeline.

    Wheels set in motion during Bush 1
    A population is rallied for on an event they knew was coming.
    Control begins
    The path to tyranny.
    Wars costing trillions millions murdered.
    Facebook etc data harvesting us.
    We're psychology profiled and manipulated to bend to fear constantly.

    Bank bailout.
    More fear.
    The world taken to it's knees so to bail out the 1%.
    Millions plunged into poverty.

    Total control, you were locked in your house for 23 hours a day and said ok that's fine.
    Vaccine mandates.
    Vaccine passports.
    (We've gone collectively insane.)
    Billions pumped into Pharma and the 1%.
    Millions murdered.

    The next step will be magnitudes worse, let's not stand by and let it happen.

  5. I have not heard Russell Brand so uninformed and insensitive. “It may create a multi-tiered society. Well, haha, it already is.” Never mind the presence of lethal ingredients, not worth the research into that simple issue.

  6. First of all Russell doesnt follow what people write here. He is just interested in his own brand. Freedom is important but it is not the highest thing that nobody should ever touch. For instance people who have committed crimes, their freedom is taken away. Why? Because there is not only the individual perspective, there is also the wider perspective. Right now the unvaccinated are keeping covid alive and are taking many hospital beds. The vaccinated suffer because of the unvaccinated. Should this be so? Some limitations of the freedom of unvaccinated people are necessary to make sure covid can be handled. But Russell just focuses on individual freedoms even if those freedoms endanger freedoms of other people who were wise enough to be vaccinated……

  7. Oh my gosh 🤔 macaroni cheezzzeee..if we could have a way of majority in each area/residential policies that work within communities – what is needed, weekly discussions on what matters most – in the 2 years indoors we couldn't talk to neighbours and people within our areas and yes a phonecall but we need communication..I just saved someone's life about 1 hour ago from a road accident she didn't see the car coming in the road and I told her and luckily she is okay, I feel if I wasn't there something could of happened to her..I was at the right place at the right time 🌸

  8. I don't know where to go to address such issues, and I think that's a lot of our problem's today. We want to pull the trigger on regaining our rights, but do not know where to start!

  9. The guardian are so full of shit. For a start saying that minorities will struggle to get ID is borderline racism, this theory of theirs has already been disproven. Secondly the government already stated on numerous occasions that ID will be available to everyone free of charge . Thirdly you don't wait for a problem to occur before taking measures that's just downright stupidity. The fact that voter fraud is low or non existent isn't a reason not to have to prove who you are before you vote. Surely it's much better to put these measures in place before it does become an issue. It's like saying 'well there hasn't been any hijacked aircraft in the last 15 years so we should just do away with security'

    The SNP are a complete laughing stock. The fact that they still have such a high voter base who agree with these tyrannical measures is even more worrying than the measures themselves. These people would follow them off a cliff. The SNP also claimed voter ID was racist but yet require ID in order to obtain a health passport so your freedoms aren't restricted! I find it funny that people vote for them for freedom while they actively take their freedoms away.

  10. I still can't understand why wuhan have a covid control laboratory then point the finger at set markets….Wigan residents said they had been eating these rancid type of dishes so it begs the question what is next fruit bats =Ebola again cross contaminated surfaces it seem like bio warfare????

  11. The US government is complete rubbish! When I was in EMS, we “unofficially” called these people, “ot”, or oxygen thieves! Just my humble opinion, but I believe 90% + politicians are ot!

  12. What about this one lol
    Government: we will be your only source of truth, dont listen to anything else😆😆
    In other words "dont even think about thinking for your stupid dumb selves"😆😆

  13. I believe here in Australia we’ve had more people commit suicide from being lockdown and losing businesses and livelihoods than from Covid 19 itself. On the back of trying to protect people they’ve created a country full of fear and neighbours turning on each other.

  14. There are no winners in this game, that's because it's not meant to be. The more angry you get the more fuel you throw on the fire and in the end you become the very self fulfilling prophecy you so fear.
    The greatest weapon we have is truth. The science is there, you just need to find it, support it and speak it. The politics is a rabbit hole of the abusers design and everyone is chasing the rabbit. Step back step away, stop engaging the politics and stay focussed on the broader scientific discourse, the one they don't want us to have. The one they don't want the sheep to hear. They that seek power control and exclusive influence cannot achieve it without your engagement, stop feeding them. A good place to start is the Geert Vanden Booshe podcast. There are plenty more and perhaps if people have a list of well qualified virologist's or immunologists podcasts to share that would help us all learn, together ! Truth will prevail .

  15. My fellow human beings. Can you for just a moment…. realise the knowledge this lovely human being, (and many others) has, but is unable to share…….. due to extreem censorship and control. If you would kindly take a moment to think/feel/see/hear the knowledge being shared…. Imagine the really really deep stuff that is so censored, it has to be 'at this moment' left out of the conversation… lest the person/s trying to share the knowledge with us, trying to enlighten us….. would be removed, shut down, shunned, intimidated, imprisoned, killed…. what is it that we do not know? What is it that is so disturbing people loose their lives if they speak of it?

  16. 10:45 Very much so. I lived through a natural disaster in France last year; the village I lived in at the time was cut off from the world following a major flood that washed houses away etc. In the village, we had no communications w/ the outside world at all, no running water etc. but it was all very co-operative, everyone was helping one another, and it was very calm after the immediate shock. I left after about three days when we were given the go ahead to drive out over the bridge and that it was safe to do so.

  17. Wow Russell, you are nailing g it!! Amazing job bringing the truth forward with such coherence and eloquence. Your light is getting brighter every day. My deepest gratitude for your brilliant work.😌

  18. Russell, I lost my job yesterday due to not being double vaccinated. I did not work in the health & care sector, nor did I work with the general public. I was working in a small production unit cooking homemade meals in large pots as posh ready meals for local farm shops. My job application did not require vaccination, or proof of, my boss did not ask, nor enquire, nor even talk about vaccines and the virus during our initial telephone conversation or the informal interview when I first met her. She invited me in for a trial day, also without the mention of a vaccine, offered me the job without the vaccine being brought up, yet called me yesterday morning two hours before my shift was due to start claiming she has to let me go as I'm not vaccinated and that a new candidate will be vaccinated so she is opting to employ him instead. This unfair situation has put me back further in my job search and affects my income in order to simply survive. Is this legal? Am I overreacting in feeling unfairly dismissed and should simply get the jab or suffer the consequences of a smaller world? In explaining to my boss that not being vaccinated doesn't affect my ability to show up on time, keeping a clean & presentable appearance, taking pride in my work and doing a good job… to which she responded I know. I was sacked over not taking a medicine I don't wish to take and this experience frightens me in the direction the world is heading.

  19. Russ mate you need to trim those branches off your woodshed hut, left it could possibly damage the roof. Keep being a legend and raising human vibration! And if you need a roofer, shout me 😉✌

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