COVID Relief Bill is a CRUEL JOKE.

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  1. Well… people technically voted for this. I wonder how many Democrats are having buyer's remorse? The instant the establishment defeated Trump they instantly screwed over the American people with this 'relief' bill. I guess the relief is all the swamp creatures celebrating.

  2. “ Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” — Frederick Douglass

  3. Jimmy, make no mistake Dylan is a Libertarian aka Right Wing!

    "Honestly there are a lot of companies, Dominos is not the only company, again that's the whole point, the only opportunity people are getting is from their neighbors and from their generous employer like Dominos, but for the US gov to tax the American people the way it does, how high our taxes are, I suspect the management at Taco Bell is much more inclined to take care of their employees"
    Dylan is advocating for small gov, so rely on corporations. That's libertarian/right wing ideology that companies/corporations/churches help people, not gov's job.

  4. Jimmy what's going on now is the "GREAT RESET" Big corporations and big brother along with centralized banking are creating the biggest hoax and redistribution of wealth in the world !!! More people will die from poverty and mental depression then " covid "

  5. Isnt it better when ppl start relying more on their neighbors, family and place of work?
    History is one government after another enslaving its ppl, killing, raping or using them to win territory.
    In the enlightenment that was lined out clearly and decided that split of power, to which the control of the economy belongs, shouldnt be in the government’s or one powers hands.

  6. Trump asked for a relief bill with NO PORK. Neither Demotards or Republicants could handle that. But hey, look at the bright side Libtards: You got rid of Orange Man and we all know "Orange Man Bad"

  7. My $600 will go to Apple Stocks. Cant buy Tesla stock cause it costs more than $600.
    Unlike last time before the Split. ?? hey Wtf is $600 ? A few shares

  8. Jimmy's heart is in the right place, as many of his fans and followers are onboard as well, our hearts ache for the people, and those who are suffering the most.

  9. In Australia I get USD$2,420.00 per month as my employer is more than 30% down on turnover in their business
    The unemployment payment is double the normal amount at USD$1,770.00 per month

  10. America is a cruel joke and George Washington and Thomas Jefferson slave trading con artist and the only one who knew what he was doing was Benedict Arnold

  11. Thank you Jimmy. Thank you Dylan Ratigan. This is ludicrous, people being told to use their $600 to build their retirement or invest in the stock market. Thank you for speaking the truth when our elected officials have lost touch with reality.

  12. That's funny though the Democrats have all been silent over it I voted for Trump and Trump vetoed the bill because he said it was a joke to the American peopleI know Democrat has came out of anywhere and said all Trump is right about this also the funny part is they try to pin it on him all things when Knowing damn well it's their own party that fuck them over a funny part is it seems to be their own party they defend so well and they get on Donald Trump supporters for defending him the irony of the whole thing is so fucking hilarious

  13. like I said before on Facebook and everywhere else Democratic party is only for the corporate machine they don't care about the working class people it's a Republican party that's about the working class people anymore they support the small businesses and keeping businesses alive

  14. It's called picking winners and losers, as a matter of policy, and it's time for a hot revolution…. And maybe after that the country can be saved. Maybe not…. I think the Communists are too entrenched in everything…it's time to reap (theft) the people's country, property, and the rest. You progressives are part of that problem….

  15. Trump to the rescue again? Trump wants two thousand dollars relief for citizens and wants to veto the bill! If establishment politicians get away with stealing an election, stealing from your wallet is not too difficult for them.

  16. I tell you right now.
    I will lie cheat & steal NOT to pay anymore taxes to those criminal
    ? suckn government bast*%&s …
    If this is what they purposely want to do to us??
    They wanna rob us blind?
    F#%& them!
    Payback is a bit#%
    And 2 can play.
    Come & get me!
    IF I only had a business left to make money & actually had taxes to pay…)

  17. Why wont the people unite one million people with guns show up to Congress and get behind every single Congress member at gunpoint and explain that there 2 thing that can go on this paper either a good stimulus package are there brains will go on that paper

  18. Well said. I hope the day comes when the actions, inactions and negligence of our so called leaders during this pandemic serve as nails for each of their individual coffins. I mean that metaphorically, but if if happens to occur literally…well that's okay with me.

  19. The reason that they're doing this is pretty simple. For America to continue to operate as status quo and even push more Draconian policies, they need to people to be obey. What better way to do that than forcing virtually all independent business owners to rely on the government for a paycheck? Bad times ahead people. Better either make plans to move from the US or plan for absolute catastrophe ( Germany during the fall type catastrophe ).

  20. So Trump wanted to give out another $1200 check.
    Pelosi & Co: "That wasn't good enough. Vote Biden to get even more help."
    Trump voted out.
    Biden voted in.
    Pelosi & Co: "YOU(us) people are only going to get $600. Deal with it."
    Me: "How could Biden voters NOT have seen this coming? Oh wait, never mind."

  21. We got a taste of what a revolt looks like in Minneapolis. That same thing is going to come to Washington DC and every city hall building after everybody gets evicted on February 1st

  22. Turns out Tulsi is the ONLY Democrat with a backbone to reject this mess… But we knew that right.

    Any lefties feeling sick at being brainwashed against Trump when he is the only representative exposing this mess from the top.