COVID Research – A Talk With Dr. William J. Murphy

COVID Research – A Talk With Dr. William J. Murphy

Dr. Murphy is the corresponding author of the paper discussing the possibility of anti-ACE2 antibodies and T Cells after SARS-COV-2 and Vaccines.

Brief bio of Dr. Murphy:
My research for the past 30 years has centered on translational studies involving modeling cancer-immune system interactions starting with my earlier studies on NK cells and HSCT in mouse models and later at the National Cancer Institute on their role in cancer immunotherapy which then expanded to issues in immunotherapy in general.

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His paper:
Here is the video I did about his study:


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  1. I got sick and it wasn’t that bad and yes who knows what the future will bring this was over a year ago. I had to travel to Boston for a show that I’m in. They would not except a test. So I took one for the team and I regretted it ever since it made me so sick. I didn’t need it I already had antibodies. This vaccine is good for some and bad for others I didn’t need it I’m healthy I exercise I have a physical job. I got the disease before vaccines came out. If there were vaccines and I had not gotten the disease I would’ve gotten one like everybody else. It’s not right what they did I don’t trust them I’m not getting any boosters. And I truly believe these viruses are man-made and there will be more. If they put the devils in jail Fauci, Brandon, all these lying pharmaceutical devils that want to 75 years to tell you the truth arrest them take all their money and give it to the people that got sick, and got Poor God for bid homeless, so many people suffered from this man-made disease. Why don’t you talk about that you probably can’t close I’ll take you off YouTube unfortunately

  2. QQQ We hear masks can prevent infecting other people more than protect the wearer. Has study on which size of droplet from expelled air carries virus? Would water vapour which condensed to steam also be infectious?

  3. I'v got 2 jabs both sinhopharm..' mind you I rarely get a cold or fever ..when then probably every 3 or 4 years but then again depending on the type a food & drink . Ie too many cold brews some excessive meat consumption & dairy products .. ' somehow did feel some excessive pain from my old bike accidents esp in my knees & joints say the first few weeks after the jabs .. now its 8 months later .. & thank god all's back to normal ..

  4. I feel like there's holes in his booster argument. Using tetnis as an example doesn't seem fair either. Tetnis is bacterial isnt it? It more mammalian than a virus or disease tho isnt it? More like a poisonous life form than Infection

  5. If you can increase telemere length wouldn't you also increase T-cells? And stop crediting antibiotics with increased life span. Increased lifespan is mainly do to preventing death in newborns and children. A lot of that could also be connected to better sanitation, etc.

  6. anti-idiotype Abs…okay. And why can't the vaccinal spike not cause effects? It is now published that mRNA is sustained for up to 60 days in lymph nodes (due to pseudo uridine?). That's a lot of time for tRNA to synthesize spike protein. I understand there is only a small difference between viral and vaccinal spike to prevent conformation change.

  7. Hey guys is there something I can do to reverse damage of the vaccine if I got both doses back in August 2021?. Im 17 years old and I was pressured into getting both vaccines

  8. Many thanks to Dr.Been and Dr, Murphy. This was really interesting and informative, I've already listened to it twice, and will do so a third time – I want to absorb every bit of info, pure gold.

  9. Have the chemical components of the vaccine been thourally looked at and determined if they are safe seperate or together and does the combination cause issues in humans

  10. The monsters always knew mices weren't a human model. They didn't give them the real cause of AIDS and Cancer for decades they disguised as hundreds of purdy ribbons of the nonprofit rainbow when yours is working.

  11. GcMAF (a natural human protean) a very successful cancer treatment that you’ll never hear about even though cancer research are fully aware of this it’s been known since the early 80’s.
    Research David Noakes if anyone wants to know more!
    And the abuse he & other scientists suffered from Big Ph….!

  12. My husband got COVID and suffered a stroke after being symptom free for about a week. He is unvaccinated but the ER Dr., the Cardiologist and Neurologist all said the vaccine status did not seem to matter as those who are vaccinated are also suffering strokes at similar rates. He is 67 years old. Is there research that has been done regarding strokes after COVID infection between the vaccinated and unvaccinated?

  13. Dr Been, could u possibly do a discussion on narrowing of blood vessels in the brain and if there's any kind of connection with lung emphysema. Maybe have a neurosurgeon as a guest…

  14. Masks are far less effective than advertised due to the particle size of water nuclei was well as virions.

    The 3 layer masks have been studied and are ineffective, unless worn by someone who is infected. Moreover, some blue 3-layer masks sold on Amazon state the masks are not sufficient to prevent the spread of disease.

    Aerosols can be as small as 100nm (nm=billionth of a meter or 1×10^-9). SARS-CoV-2 virions range from 60-110nm and the water nuclei (exhaled from the lungs is covered with virions, as are larger expulsions of fluid. Virions will fly off aerosols {law of large numbers & fact that virions have mass and coverage of aerosols is dense due to prolific replication that is a hallmark of SARS-CoV-2}
    MIT measured aerosolized pathogen travel as far as twenty six (26) feet! The smallest size that an N95 mask can stop is .3um (millionths of a meter 1×10^-6). As masks become damp from respiration, their effectiveness is compromised. THIS IS WHY SCIENTISTS THAT WORK WITH PATHOGENS IN A LABORATORY WEAR SEALED HAZMAT SUITS!!

    Simple experiment for 1-2 blue mask is what I call the huff test. Wearing a mask, huff on a pair of glasses as if you were going to use condensation to clean them. Glasses fog up through the mask(s).

    Another problem with mask is this a lot of air escapes on the sides and especially up the face by the nose.

    I will check, I believe that there were 2 CDC studies on mask where the difference between not wearing a mask & wearing a mask were not statistically significant.

    I’m not anti-mask, I’m pro science and physics does not seem to support the mask assertion.

    Anecdotally, if masks were hugely effective, when everyone was wearing a mask, there should have been a corresponding reduction in transmission. There are also areas like Sweden and Florida where the spread was not markedly different the the areas that has stringent mask and spacing mandates.

    Again, not trying to pick a fight or be contrary, just seeking the truth. Happy to change my position if a compelling case can be made re: particles & level of effectivity across multiple studies.
    If anyone is interested, I can provide links.

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