COVID Study Shows Mortality WAY LOWER Than Projected, CNN Host Shows Its Comparable To Flu

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  1. Even if mortality is comparable to the flu. Infection rate is a lot highier, so there will be more overall deaths from C19 than normal flu.

  2. The cat is out of the bag. This is all bullshit. We are destroying our country to hurt the president. That's all this is and anyone who doesn't see that is a certified retard

  3. Tim, have you seen how many deaths we have from the Flu and Pneumonia we have had this year? Between Feb and Mar their numbers have fallen off of a cliff. Those studies would be spot on if the average deaths that are missing from Pneumonia and Flu are taken into account.

  4. You’re seeing so many deaths because there are so many infected. Even though death rate may be comparable to flu, the infection rate is much higher. This is means the raw number might be high while the percentage is not.

  5. Tim where have you been this story has been out for 2 weeks and there are 3 major cities, at least, who have done this study. They've done it at Stanford, UCLA and boston and they all said the same thing. This is basically the flu, with all deaths that have had to be removed because a few states got caught adding deaths that werent actually covid related. New york had 3700, Pennsylvania had at least 200 plus a lot of states are doing this or individual hospitals. Most of this purely political, I know people are dying and things are bad. We should be doing what we can but at this point, it's been here longer than we thought by at least a month and probably more. The nba was in china just before this was reported and could have very easily been there together. The NBA had an unusually high "flu like symptoms" games missed this year. I know people are dying and we should do something. Those field hospitals and the navy ships never even got used at all. The ventilators were never a real problem, they talked like it was a problem. None of what they said has happened and it won't. Everyday they try and use another tactic to push back the date for us to try and go back to normal. Now the dogs and cats are imminent danger. Social distance your pets.

  6. Maybe my math is off, but even though are semi compatible deaths, the Flu has a vaccine every year. Conversely. Covid does mot have a vaccine. Then wouldnt that make Flu much more danderous since we have a vavvine and still lost between 20,000 and 80,000 individuals. Open your eyes.

  7. It's because NYC is marking all deaths as Covid 19 for monetary value. Even if deaths are apparently caused by Cardiac arrest, pneumonia,influenza, cancer, etc. and are non symptomatic it is being used as cause of death. The numbers would be considerably lower if they were accurate.

  8. The reason you see so many deaths is because, even though a big amount may be the claim of the death being due to covid when its not,is due to how contagious it is. Without the vaccine or built in immunity, like influenza, the number of people contracting it will be higher. Example: 1000 people get the flu, 1 person dies, then 0.1% death rate. 10,000 get corona virus, 10 people die, then 0.1% die. 10 times the number of people die, but 10 times also contract it. If we can get a vaccine, then this will most likely be nothing more than a flu or less.

  9. Locking down the economy doesn't make this virus to go away. It is here to stay…. Are we going to hide in our basement forever? That's stupid!

  10. I'm gonna throw in my personal anecdote here, feel free to take it or leave it. For context I work in the San Diego shipyards and often times I'm packed in confined spaces and/or crowds so stuff can spread easily there.

    Late January, (around the 20th) I was hit with a flu that kicked my ass so hard I was on the bed for 5 days, migraines, brutal coughing fit I felt like I was constantly choking on my own phlegm, I was losing sleep, and on the 3rd and 4th day I had a fever of 103°f. My wife said if it remained for one more day she'd take me to ER. Fortunately I pulled through and it took a couple weeks for the cough to subside.

    I only get sick once a year or two, though I recognize that I am getting older. But these last 3 years I have caught the flu 5 times which I find rather worrisome. I suspect this last one to be CoViD-19, so I plan on getting checked whenever I can, I hope that if it is, then I am not too late to produce an accurate result

  11. They're dying from comorbidities. But, they're being listed on the death certificates as covid-19. See the project veritas videos.

  12. We need many more antibody testing to know for sure. Each area (county, state, region, etc) could be different and the data is extrapolated from models with quite a bit of noise. More studies (all peer reviewed!) could really help clarify how widespread it is in the US. Still, it overwhelmed hospitals even IF the death rate turns out to be much lower than we thought initially. The underlining issues between the flu and covid-19 is always going to be how higher transmission rates are for covid-19…esp if those numbers are to believed.

  13. "This is not what happened on Diamond Princess."
    Oh geeze, I wonder what the average age of a passenger on a goddamn vacation cruise ship is? I wonder if maybe, just possibly, it skews to rich old boomers? Maybe? Possibly?

  14. If someone dies of cancer but tested positive for covid it goes down as a covid death I BELIEVE there keeping the economy closed to ruin us and make us dependent on big gov ie the dems….

  15. Does anyone else find it poetic justice that the boomers who sold out the economy to live like millionaires are the ones who are more likely to be killed by this disease? Poetic justice?

  16. How many people died from the Flu this year? Is it possible that some flu deaths were counted as Coved, and inflating the death rates.

  17. Pretty simple. If Coronavirus is more infectious than the flu, let’s say twice as infectious, then it would make sense that there are twice as many deaths. It still doesn’t warrant a universal lockdown, especially when the collapsed economy has caused a spike in deaths from suicides and people not getting treatment for other life threatening ailments.