COVID Surges Among VACCINATED In Israel

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines and treatments may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. How many shots are you going to take?

    Canada has bought 135 million MORE shots for 38 million people. That's 3 MORE each plus extra for spoilage and waste.

    Israel just took away privileges from 1.5 million people for refusing the 3rd injection. They've announced the 4th is coming. Lithuania is the same but announcing the 4th & 5th shots.

    You can say "NO" at zero injections or you can say "NO" at 3, 4, 5 and the result is the same. When you REFUSE you lose all your PRIVILEGES because you have NO RIGHTS. You gave them away when you agreed to the vaccine passport.

    How many shots are you going to take? Say "NO" now or just leave your sleeve rolled up and be a pin cushion for experimental gene therapy injections.

  2. Dr. Yo is right on target. I am not willing to turn my body into a (S) spike protein factory with either a mRNA or adenovirus vaccine, so I have been holding out for Novavax's NVX-2373. It is not that I believe that NVX-2373 will work any better than the others, I just believe there is far less chance of it doing any harm. Either which way, I have a script of Ivermectin in my medicine cabinet. Naked or breakthrough infection, it seems like all roads lead to therapies like Ivermectin, fluvoxamine, and zinc plus hydroxychloroquine. So why or we bothering with vaccines design to fight the last battle? The vaccine cartel is most definitely an advantage player.

  3. Does anyone else see the HILARIOUS state of Israel in that they're issuing out Yellow-Stars for their citizens (the Vaxx Pass)? Anyone? Anyone see how crazy that is? I would have thought they would be the last country to go Circa Germany 1934… but there they are…

  4. I'm going to get vaxxed now bc I have options lol. I think Americans simply don't want to be told what to do and this is more important than options.

  5. IF Assange was free, we might get the TRUTH About this entire scam, but the US.Criminals "HILLARY, BIDEN" have Him right where they want Him. "COLLATERAL MURDER" is what it is

  6. Well, why would they still administer an old vaccine? Maybe because governments and pharma have to get rid of their old stock they are sitting on. Maybe pharma just wants to save costs for new development (although that is unlikely as a competitor who has an updated version would have a competitive advantage, if governments cared), or maybe it really takes more time to analyse the spike protein of the new variants and to get a new mRNA developed. Who knows?!

  7. I think one of the problems comparing the covid-19 vaccination to polio, smallpox or measles is that the later three have a very limited number of variables, whereas covid-19 could potentially mutate into multiple hundreds of different variants! They will need to constantly come up with new vaccines to combat these new variations. It will be never ending!!

  8. Doesn't protection from getting an nfection with vaccination equate to the level without vaccination at 12 weeks?
    If so then why get a booster at 6 months as opposed to 3 months?
    Or…should we question the whole premise?

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