Covid symptoms change

List of covid (mostly BA.5) symptoms

Sore throat, 63%

Headache, 51%

Blocked nose, 48%

Cough, no phlegm 46%

Runny nose, 45%

Cough with phlegm, 44%

Hoarse, 44%

Sneezing, 39%

Fatigue, 29%

Muscle pains 28%

Dizzy, 23%

Altered smell, 17%

Swollen neck glands, 16%

Sore eyes, 16%

Chest pain / tightness, 14%

Fever, 13%

Loss of smell, 13%

Shortness of breath, 12%,

Earache, 12%

Hot flushes, 11%

Tim Spector, Zoe data

BA.5 wave

Probably less likely to affect the brain

Less likelihood of long covid

R = 1

Decline is leveling off

New daily cases, 103,790

Current prevalence, 1,609,529

Infections presenting less likely to cause symptoms

As from early July

Fewer symptoms and milder presentation

BA.5 may have lower viral load

Therefore, LFT less likely to test positive

Symptoms which increased in June 2022
(ONS since May, 2022)

Abdominal pain, fever, sore throat, muscle ache

In June 2022

61% reported any symptoms compatible with COVID-19

39% asymptomatic positives

Long Covid, 3 distinct types

Clusters of neurological symptoms

Fatigue, brain-fog, headache

Most commonly post Alpha and Delta variants.

Respiratory symptoms

Chest pain, severe shortness of breath

(could point to lung damage)

Largest cluster during the start of the pandemic

Diverse range of symptoms

Heart palpitations, muscle ache and pain, changes in skin and hair

Long COVID in Omicron cases

No firm data yet,but

20-50% less during the Omicron versus the Delta period

Dr Claire Steves

The Omicron variant appears substantially less likely to cause Long-COVID than previous variants,

but still 1 in 25 people who catch COVID-19 go on to have symptoms for more than four weeks.

UK long covid, 2nd July

1.8 million, (2.8% of population) experiencing self-reported long COVID

Of the 1.8 million

81% symptoms at least 12 weeks

43% at least one year after

21% at least two years

Symptoms adversely affected the day-to-day activities, 1.3 million people


Fatigue 54%

Shortness of breath 31%

Loss of smell 23%

Muscle ache 22%

Self-reported long COVID, more common in

Aged 35 to 69 years


More deprived areas

Working in social care

Another activity-limiting health condition or disability 
Less common in students, retired, people looking for paid work

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. I got a mild case of Covid recently. I had a major migraine and high fever for three days. I experience loss of appetite, loss of smell/taste, light/sound sensitivity too. I took no medicine but felt better after resting and forcing myself to eat a little bit of fruits & drinking juices. I am also boosted. My twin brother passed away from Covid in August of 2021. His experience was much worse to say the least. He was not vaccinated. I know in my heart that the vaccine is not 100% safe because I developed joint pain after the second shot of the vaccine. And I must say, before watching this video, I always wondered if I got the less potent of this virus or was it the vaccine that help with an immune response. Im not sure.

  2. my kids and thers mum had covid 4 months ago and i had enough all this crap so i let them come stay my house for there 7 days isolation and i tested everyday and never cought it

  3. Funny how nobody believes it's a cover up for 5G electromagnetic radiation poisoning despite it being more than possible even a US general said it can be used for this.purpose
    I suppose folk don't believe their gvt would do such a thing despite their past records plus they tried to force the clot shot on us and still call it safe despite it causing over 1300 life threatening conditions speaking of which have you seen the death and injury figures?
    People are dropping everywhere and cause unknown is the leading cause of death
    And the politicians all have shares or gained unexplained millions for example jacinda adern who gained 24 million this last couple of years or mat Hancock who owns firms that he awarded contracts to
    On and on the lies march on
    Rise up peacefully people it's time to stop these meglamaniacs

  4. Please wear masks regardless of what the CDC says. Hubbie caught virus at work – everyone stopped wearing masks.
    Taste IS still affected under Omicron. GI symptoms present along with lower grade fevers (although I did make it to 101 degrees F, 38.33 C). Normal temp is around 97.6, so 101 is high for me. Extra sensitive to loud sounds, increased depression, body aches and pains, terrible lethargy, no appetite, cognitive issues, headaches. Took ibuprofen for a couple of days, pushed juice, water, soup, etc. Stopped ibuprofen and fever maintained itself at 90+ degrees for a week or so. Still fighting some symptoms like lethargy, decreased appetite, depression, cognitive issues, going into week 2. I will deck my husband if he brings this sh*t home again. Edit: I received vax but not boosters.

  5. I had a dry cough, watering eyes, sneezing, the runs, chest pain, shortness of breath, hoarse voice, headache, body aches, but no fever and only a fleeting sore throat.

  6. My friend just died from a clot in her lungs, but the hospital never tested her for Covid. She had the coughing, needed oxigen and vomited blood… the cause of death they stated was that she hurt her head when she fell while throwing up blood and the heart stopped. I feel hospitals are hiding information to make us think things are not that bad…💔💔

  7. I (59yrs)caught covid as a vaccinated person 5 weeks ago so probably the omecron variant, I experienced high temperature for 3-4 days and loss of appetite for a week. Now experiencing fatigue and obvious cardiovascular changes as a result of this infection. Many people I have spoken to of all ages have experienced similar to me. I believe this variant has damaged my cardiovascular system, especially the heart.

  8. Does the abdominal pain have anything to do with ''inflammation of the liver?'' The changing extensive range of symptoms associated with COVID-19 may be related to the tropism of the virus for angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), expressed on different human cells (cellular heterogeneity and genome plasticity). In particular, liver damage in patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection might be directly caused by the viral infection of liver cells, since ACE2 is expressed in both liver cells and bile duct cells, and pathological studies in patients infected with SARS identified in 2003 reveal the presence of the virus in liver tissue.

    Severe COVID-19 is characterized by profound CD8+ T-cell dysfunction, which cannot be specifically treated to date. However studies have reported that metabolic CD8+ T-cell reprogramming by ketone bodies could be a promising strategy to overcome the immunoparalysis in COVID-19 patients.This is confirmed by the physiological increase in plasma levels of ketone bodies thus highlighting the importance of anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating effects, which may reveal as precious tools to prevent infection and potential adverse outcomes of COVID-19 disease. Additionally, SARS-Cov-2 infection may precipitate both a hyperglycemic state and ketoacidosis occurrence in patients with diabetes and nondiabetic patients, which may lead to fatal outcomes. Hence, the SARS-Cov-2 infection presents a new perspective toward the management of glycemia and acidosis in patients with diabetes and nondiabetic patients, highlighting the need for rapid interventions to minimize the complications from COVID-19 while reducing its spreading.


  9. Its a shame to have to say but all docters are snake oil salesmen. They make their money by prescribing shit to people that want to be taken care of. Doesnt matter what the shit does to the people.

  10. I've got another interpretation to offer for the distribution of self-reported long-covid cases:
    The people with long covid are those who suffer from lockdowns, mask mandates, increased job insecurity, and inflation, are being pressured to a vaccination which they don't trust, and at the same time can't rest; this makes them far more vulnerable.
    They have to get sick leave to escape this and long covid is their best shot at this.
    The other fractions don't see much change from most of these circumstances (except inflation / rising cost of living), and can stay at home if they like to (in most cases).

    Here in Germany, there is an additional tendency for victims of vaccination complications to claim long covid for their trouble, because this changes the treatment they get 180°; they get help with their symptoms and sick leave, instead of being bullied.

  11. I've not had any jabs, not had covid once until 6 weeks ago. My symptoms were shooting pain's between joints for the first few days, exhaustion, for 2 weeks. No cough or runny nose, no change in taste or smell. I was positive for 10 days and didn't feel 100% right for 15. I'm also asthmatic.

  12. I am a 73 year old male I was in London late July on returning to Malta I tested positive on 26/7/2022. On 24 July my hearing has decreased local GP found no infection or build up of wax. My question is there a connection between Covid and hearing loss

  13. John as large numbers of people Inc Doctors are attributing sudden I'll health & death to the person having had mild cov or even asymptomatic cov, then it is surely important to test symptomless patient -at least for their records, if they claim mild & assymptomatic c can cause death & hospitalisation long term. Bear in mind this strain has the same mild effects on people as Alpha did.

  14. There are still over 500,000 people with no immunity to Covid – 19 who are not protected by vaccines, and who would be protected if they had the antibody treatment Evusheld, which U.K. Government refuses to buy, despite 32 countries buying it. If the clinically vulnerable were protected we would have a viable living with Covid policy. As it is the hospitals are not overwhelmed because those with blood cancer for example are still shielding.

  15. Just had to two residents die from Covid this last week. They live in a small elder care home and it looks like a Healthcare worker brought it in. My cousin got it but he survived with minor symptoms. However he is much younger than the others.

  16. Here in america we just dont care anymore 😂 we went back to normal life with this virus getting weaker no one is afraid anymore. If anything this is the endemic

  17. Convid certainly effects the brain. The complete nonsense people have believed this past two years it just astounding. It's science Jim but not as you know it.

  18. Unvaccinated, had covid a few weeks ago. Felt really rotten for about 2 days and had to lie in bed, horrible fever and weakness, couldn't stomach much food. 3rd day started to feel a bit better but still weak and disoriented feeling. Following week still feeling a bit disoriented and very dry throat with a loose cough and tired. 2/3 weeks later feeling almost back to normal. It's just like having a proper dose of flu. The mass hysteria over it is crazy.

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