COVID Tests Secretly Used To Sequence Your Genes?

Tone deaf as ever, the CDC recently caused a mini firestorm after issuing a tweet boasting that 10% of the nasal swabs used to test for COVID have been collected and used to map the virus’s genome. Concerned that their DNA was being collected without their permission, upset Americans responded in droves at this perceived invasion of privacy.

Jimmy and The Dive host Jackson Hinkle puzzle over the science of genome sequencing and the CDC’s lack of media savvy.

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  1. I'd say what's going on right now is a pretty strong case for smaller government and not letting them be in control of everyone's health care. It's not really a conspiracy theory anymore to say the government will use healthcare as a weapon against its own people. In Canada, you can lose your right to healthcare if the prime minister doesn't like your opinion….

  2. I'm not defending the CDC at all, but it could be good to go into the video a little more and at least show their explanation for doing this. Whether or not we want to believe them is totally different.

  3. "Conspiracy theory" is a term created by the CIA in1967 to discredit people who questioned the Warren report. And yes, I know that snopes and other "Fact checking" sites say that this is also a conspiracy theory, and that is because snopes works for the establishment, if not directly for the fucking CIA. ( just like Wikipedia does.) Why is there no class action suit against wikipedia yet? Think about what an easy slam dunk win that would be.

  4. Do people not understand that genomic sequencing of the virus is not analyzing your human DNA? Apparently not.

    How do you think they distinguish between Alpha and Beta and Delta and Omicron etc.?

  5. Bruh they have to sequence us, to separate the virus sequence, or at least I'm pretty sure🤨You still got our data. Let's just hope it doesn't get lost, stolen, or better yet an Emergency Act invoked, so you can legally use the data you already to from us, without our consent 😡.

  6. “Conspiracy Theorists” are portrayed as crazy people when in reality they are the people who have picked up crumbs and tidbits that slip through the mainstream cracks. If you save these tidbits they start to form a picture over time. The government calls this process Intelligence Gathering. Sometimes the intelligence is wrong and sometimes it’s right. But when it keeps being proven it’s time to pay attention to the ones who keep getting it right.

  7. I'm certainly no fan of corporate America, but Jimmy is very wrong to sing the praises of Cuba. They may have health care but do you think they have free speech or a free press? Plenty of journalists have disappeared in Cuba over the decades.

  8. LMAO i told everyone not to do those stupid test to find out where you are from with DNA samples, i told them they will save the data. They laughed at me, i told them to stop taking covid test, for the same reason they laughed again. No one will apologize for sure. It's all good I'm used to it.🙄

  9. They have attempted to destroy people’s right to INFORMED CONSENT. That is STILL a crime. That is a crime as great as Hitler’s. It doesn’t LOOK like it at first, but Hitler never said “Show us your genetic sequence!”

  10. Cubans have good doctors but unless you have money you are screwed. Cuban gvnmt doesnt give a fuck about its people and comparing their healthcare system to to USAs is downright wrong. Its 100 times worse than the government run VA in the states

  11. Let me tell you, China is buying our DNA captured by these tests. The way to avoid your DNA from being used when you have a test is to NOT provide your race. Believe it or not, bio weapons targeting people by race are being developed.

  12. You got your government healthcare Jimmy why are you complaining. It amazes me how you can't figure out how the healthcare you got was government healthcare, I bet your dr didn't even read the ingredients but just said here the government said you need. YOU got government healthcare, and aren't you still paying for it with your health?

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