COVID Treatment Based on Race

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  1. One of the biggest problems the NHS faces is organ donation from BAME users of the service, it appears BAME are quite happy to take but extremely reluctant to give (from my Nephrology Consultant)

  2. who gets most of the government hand and outs in New York. Blacks(American then Caribbean), whites (russian jews then American), latino(black and white from puerto Rico, dominican, mexican, central and south america), asian(chinese).

  3. The people who make these policies KNOW that they are breaking the law, they don't care because they know that by the time the legal challenges go thru the courts the damage will be done.

  4. I remember either in 2020 or 2021 a BBC news report where some people were complaining about vaccines etc being distributed "equally" within the NHS instead of non-whites being prioritised….

  5. This is illegal both in state law and federal law. Both laws do not differentiate between what race you can't discriminate against. Just that you can't do it based on the race of the person.

  6. Well done NHS Scotland. How to promote private healthcare. Place a sword of Damocles over the people who pay your salary with their hard earned money. Stupidity has no bounds. So if an unborn child has a congenital compromised immunity, are you not risking their birth, by the forcing the mothers immune system into overdrive by forcing the vaccine to be accommodated into the body.

  7. As someone who lived in Montana, I can actually agree with the vaccination priority for Native Americans, but not any other ethnic group. It's the same justification for prioritizing vaccination for people with underlying health conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID, because they are biologically more susceptible to serious illness.

  8. Colored folks get poked first, but if you haven't been poked, you will get turned away from the Emergency Rooms for not having been poked. Something close?

  9. Late 1970s, I heard the change of United States from "Melting pot" to that of a "Salad". My guess United States is now the bowl me are in while each group retains their bias and group identity. So, we will live in peace without power struggles for larger pieces of pie because we will all be equal…or something like that.

  10. Keep making people into second class citizens, keep making the people think that it's all right to think that someone is below them, subhuman even.
    They can take away every right, every thought and opinion.. but they can never take away my right to go insane.

  11. As far as I know, we only have one racially based law left here in the United States, being affirmative action I believe. Racial based laws are legal on the federal level and have been since the civil Rights movement. We made great progress to better ourselves.

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