COVID vaccination associated with increase in cardiac arrest 911 calls?

Is COVID vaccination associated with an increase in cardiac arrest 911 calls? There have been anecdotal reports in the media with athletes having cardiac arrests at sporting events but is there a connection? I discuss, without opinion, a peer-reviewed study in one of our premier medical journals, the journal Nature. It reviews the entire country of Israel’s experience with phone calls to emergency medical services. They looked at cardiac arrest phone calls as well as acute coronary syndrome (ACS) phone calls and the on scene paramedic assessment. They compared the frequency of these phone calls to COVID vaccination and COVID infection. In people over the age of 40 there was no association. But what about the younger age group 16-39? I review what the study found.

Please note again that this is peer-reviewed with the data being critically appraised and vetted before publication in the journal Nature. ASSOCIATIONS DO NOT IMPLY CAUSALITY.

Nature study:

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Covid Vaccination / Myocarditis Risk

00:00 Intro
00:20 Israel Study
01:41 Documented Myocarditis
03:05 Study Results
03:35 Cardiac Arrest Calls
05:20 ACS Acute Coronary Calls
06:27 Israeli Authors Conclusion
07:24 Underdiagnosing in Females?
07:50 Study Limitations
09:01 Correlation or Causation?
09:47 Censorshp of this Study
10:20 My Cats!

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Dr. Keith Moran MD, RCPSC, DABIM, RCS, NBE Biography:
I am a consultant in Internal Medicine with special medical interests in gastroenterology, cardiology, and echocardiography. I am a a full-time practising physician in these areas. I was an undergraduate at the University of Toronto, Trinity College where I received a number of scholarships including one for top student at Trinity College. I attended medical school at the University of Toronto graduating with a gold medal. My internship was completed at McMaster University in Hamilton followed by a residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Western Ontario in London. I then completed a fellowship in General Internal Medicine at the University of Western Ontario. I am an active echocardiographer who has been certified and recertified by the National Board of Echocardiography. I am certified in cardiac sonography and have trained and completely educated a number of cardiac sonographers. I am the medical director of my cardiology laboratory which was established in 2001. My laboratory performs echocardiography and stress echocardiography amongst other tests. I maintain my certification in the American Board of Internal Medicine. I have over 27 years of experience as a hospital-based consultant in internal medicine and intensive care unit attending physician. I am the medical director of the cardiac rehabilitation program in my community.



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  1. Why bother with the vaccine at all though? IT DOESN'T WORK. The benefits are clear? To who? Who that was 16 years old was dying of cv19? Nobody.

  2. It can be denied all they want to, but I find what another doctor said, that is to be logical – aspirate, because whenever the vaccine goes into a vein it causes problems with the heart even in those without previous known heart issues.

  3. People should just start suing the CDC and their state that is enforcing people to get vaccinated. This vaccine is not stable enough to be enforced. Hell there's even been a report that a lot of the CDC members aren't even vaccinated. That's how screwed up this is! All of this is about money and control. It has nothing to do with public safety!

  4. its good to see that the truth is slowly getting out and the insidious actions of pfizer will be exposed as nothing less than criminal . one big question is the concerted efforts to dismiss and ignore the adverse effects of these experimental vakz by the overwhelming majority of doctors !?

  5. Male Athletes in 19-39 group typically have a larger left ventricle/stroke volume. Add heart swelling to an already enlarged heart and boom, there's your issue. Basic anatomy and physiology

  6. People who think there is no link are in blind denial that has stopped them to research, find the truth, speak up to stop the genocide and find the cure to prevent many deaths

  7. Any scientist as I am as well knows that correlation doesn't mean a causal link exists between 2 facts. However I was taught at university that the more recurring a correlation between 2 apparently separate events is the more causal it can be. There's NO chance in true science. When a combination that merges 2 or more facts that seem to be separate it DE FACTO becomes meaningful and indicates that a link exists actually. It is a basic rule of science.

    Thus, most of Covid "vaccination" supporters tend to stay stuck in denial or to be dishonest when they systematically refers to the phrase "correlation is not causality". It's true in a general way of course. BUT a high amount of side effects cases that has never stopped increasing for months now does forcely mean something. It can't be denied, distorded or hidden by anyone who claims to be honest and objective. A true scientist who still respects deontology and ethics naturally would/will study such a correlation carefully to result in the most objective conclusion at the end.

    I'm pretty sure that in the case of the so-called covid vaccination a causal link exists between shots and recurring serious side effects. So this is why this correlation is constantly so underrated and disparaged by official channels and politicians so roughly.

  8. Did transitory ischaemia episodes increase too? It is amazing the number of people in my social and family groups having these in the last year, different ages and lifestyles. I know that there are more older people now and the probability of incidence increases with age, but I think that there are too many in such a short period of time.

  9. I avoided the vax once I heard that there was the same risk, if not more, for blood clots with each dose as they claimed the virus itself had shown. I have a birth defect, Stenosis of the Basilar Artery (base of Brain). Meaning that the artery is freakishly small and already the cause of two strokes and Im a very healthy middle aged man. Not risking it and Mr Neurologists didn’t argue the point either. Its like Russian roulette but I add a bullet with every jab. Yeah no thanks.

    If you’re on the fence like I was, please research your own situation and health before you take the path of no return.

  10. I think the most clear evident of increasing cardiac arrests are caused by people eating more McDonald’s and sitting longer on their ass.

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