Covid Vaccine Hysteria Compilation

It’s fair to say the conversation surrounding the Covid Vaccines has gone beyond scientific and turned into something more like a cult.

Written by MilkBarTV


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  1. Whaaat?? – thought you threw in a drunk version of one of those overly animated & enthusiastic religious leaders that are high on life (experiencing an epiphany). Like Joel Osteen (no dis-respect to Joel as he IS simply on a spiritual high – & isn't a psychopathic narcissist).
    It was uplifting for a split second until I realised it was Turdeau (who must've missed his last hairdresser's appt) & was HIGH on anything but life.
    This delusional Joker must've influenced alot of hormonal teenagers who can not legally enter a night cliub/music festival &/or be served alcohol & other things.
    The 🤡's  euphoria  made the v sound & look like the underage kids could get the next best thing to an illegal chemically induced RUSH!
    Only this one was free, legal & came in three types of combo packs. Add in a burger, fries & some ice cream & they would've thought they hit the jack pot.

  2. "I wasn't going to get the vaccine… until a delicious burger and fries was offered as a reward… Now my heart is failing, but the burgs and fries was totally worth it, and now I'm fully protected(science) from those dreaded severe cold symptoms caused by covid."

  3. So safe that it needed promotional positivity. It's like the pandemic, which needed promotional negativity and fear.
    Whoever still trusts the media today might be already brain dead.

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