Covid vaccine: Study reveals 40.2% of women experienced menstruation changes as a side effect

‘It was young women, college students, forced to get the Covid vaccine to return to school… these people have been heavily impacted.’

National Pulse’s Natalie Winters reacts to a study revealing 40.2% of women experienced menstruation changes as a side effect of the Covid jab.

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  1. Individual politicians need to be held to account in law courts! If Government pay outs occur it is the people who pay! Plus the corporates and the high officials of Governments and Corporations, including organisations like the UN and its Corporations, for example the UN Health organisation.! This is the greatest crime against humanity ever!

  2. I remember seeing a story of a UK woman recording video in a UK hospital that supposedly packed with COVID patients. She was arrested for uploading footage showing this hospital was empty. The US, one LA hospital claimed they were stacking COVID dead on the roof and the hospital's gift shop. So a TikTok channels went to the hospital's emergency ward to see the receptionist reading a novel in a completely empty hospital. Security kicked the guy out, but he got footage. I tried uploading the video to YT and it was deleted in seconds.

  3. Special shout-out to Caroline Criado-Perez, the woman who wrote a book about how women are ignored in medical trials and not believed by medical professionals, for saying that women reporting menstrual changes were "misinformation" and recommending the vaccine to pregnant women!

  4. The vaccines are the disease brought to you by the W.E.F and governments around the world, ever hear of the great reset. They are testing it for the last two years and are making it more deadly for the W.E.F and that is why they want you to get more and more shots. Trudeau has a factory in Quebec so the vaccines will never go away until the people revolt.its just that simple, revolt or be led to slaughter like sheep. Which would you prefer?

  5. FOUR of my friends confided such to me!! How many more remain silent from embarrassment! "By pharmaceuticals was every nation DECEIVED". BIBLE, Revelation 18:23 original Greek. If deceptive, then MALIGNANT!

  6. So, if the NHS is paying for a study like that, do they only try to wash theire hands of of theire guilt ? And if you want to have a good ( ? ) laugh, look at the press conference from Karl Lauterbach last week . Two jabs this winter , if you want youre civil rights restored

  7. Sadly 😥 it's getting worse all across the health spectrum…. research shows immune suppression, mitochondrial destruction in glial cells etc… all cause mortality >>>> everywhere

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