Wait, are you telling me diseases can still spread even when your protesting for the “correct” political ideology? Dr. Mac and company investigate this insane rumor.

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  1. This is just gonna shock all of you but this was demonetized even though I only put "Covid 19" in the description 20 times in a row

    Seriously though, if you wanna help us keep makin' this content, support us at because my GOODNESS does youtube not like what we're doin' here…

  2. actual the spike in deatha nd infections was in over 60year old people aka not the people in the blm protests seemingly corona is a lot less infectpous for especialy young people that many thought

  3. You know what socialism is it when something good happens that Trump did and Democrat s take credit for it. But when they mess up do to their own incompetent leadership it's Trump's fault

  4. google is actively suppressing septembers cdc mortality statistics, i cant link to the cdc website. Its basically only 10k deaths, 90% are 55+, its all a lie. Look for 6% in comorbidites, table 3, of septembers weekly update… i think at its worst its equivalent to the flu, thats all.

  5. As much as they did cause some amount of sickness. Though some people said the jump In cases was because of it a bit quickly around 4th of july when it hadn't been 2 weeks since the protests started. Though, it would absolutely cause some infections.

  6. question. where do you guys put the inflection on ANTIFA?
    an-TI-fuh or ANTI-fuh?

    i say an-TI-fuh.

    ok now that i think about it inflection isnt the right word. it's more so on if you say anti as one word then fuh. on ann as in the name, then tea fuh.

  7. In a Facebook COVID group I'm in (it's a local group; I'm about to get out of it), I told one of the admins the protests were one of the reasons for the summer spike after she told another person they didn't play a part. Another admin labeled the riots a "myth" and pulled the "95% of the protests were peaceful" argument while I told him the riots and vandalism were both real and that Portland hasn't been peaceful in the last 100+ days.

    I countered by noting the spike started 2 weeks after George Floyd was killed and the protests started (shared a link to prove it) and that the main age group that has contracted the virus amidst the spike made up the bulk of the protesters. Despite the legitimate evidence I presented, she still didn't believe me and insisted the protests weren't one of the reasons for the spike.

    The comment section I went back and forth with the admins on was a post that talked about how the Sturgis, SD motorcycle rally led to a rise in cases. Btw, liberals run that group and two of them no longer live in my hometown (one hasn't lived there since '92). They're notorious for deleting posts and comments. In the beginning, they wouldn't allow any Faith-based posts.

  8. I'm lefty who is extremely fed up with the lockdown, social justice warriors and DNC, but this is just crappy comedy. Is there anyone on the right with a lick of wit these days? Or is nonsense like this as good as it gets?

  9. You forgot to add conservatives anti-lockdown protests and trump rallies. Both sides are retards, left is just slightly more dumber. dumb and dumber

  10. It was a combination of the protests and premature re-opening. Both the Right and the Left are just blaming one another when both parties are guilty of worsening the COVID crisis.