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Written by M. Tracey


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  1. Geezus Christ man, thats the first good laugh Michael Tracey has ever evoked from me in all the interviews or commentary ive heard – you know, the bit where he, on perfect comedic cue (which in itself is hilarious because i read on twitter he's not a big fan of comedy) springs for his massive beverage and declares "i too am attentive to my own hydration". The moment was just perfect, mt, cause you werent trying to br funny. Ps, that dipshit you debated last week wasnt worth your time. Hes a bad faithed miscreant.

  2. Michael, I think you should pay absolutely no mind to your critics. This is a very important issue and deserves as much focus as you can afford it. Hopefully other journalists with integrity, of which there are unfortunately very few, will also cover this

  3. Too little too late., Michael. You spread fear and criticized those of us who questioned the 'pandemic' and anticipated the fall out in in the beginning back in 2020. You were hysterical and paranoid when we needed scrupulous analysis.

  4. Michael is crying wolf because the wolf is on college campuses indoctrinating American students to accept constant surveillance, to report disobedience, and to silence dissidents. Due process is a right only to the extent it is consistently applied.

  5. Here's a twister for any Harvard or Yale law professor to consider; how is a program of mass vaccination any different than presumption of guilt before the facts? Put another way, does the wholesale mask mandate not presume everyone is infectious, or guilty of contagion?

  6. You cant complain; people voted for this; they wanted this.
    There were 2 guys running last year; one was telling people not to let the virus control your life; the other one was hiding in a basement telling people we should let the virus control our life's forever.
    Keep quiet, and suck it up for 4 years. most of them voted for the basement guy, so those college kids got what they deserve… yes, even the right wing college folks; they used to being restricted and snitched up on anyways at colleges even before the pandemic.

  7. The discrimination over the jab in Canada is dividing families due to no travel unless vaccinated mandate. No planes no trains without current shot requirements met despite immunity.

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