‘COVID was the test, the test proved that our rights were easily violated by the government’
Freedom Convoy participant Tom Marazzo joined Rebel News’ Sheila Gunn Reid to discuss the final day of the Trucker Commission with PM Trudeau testifying.

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Written by Rebel News Canada


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  1. Enforce the rule of who's law? Little potato sock puppet does not follow or obey the laws of this country. Lies continuously to the people and parliament. Cannot answer questions truthfully.
    Ethically and morally bankrupt.
    And all Canadians will suffer.

  2. we need to pursue Perjury charges , against Trudeau. Also his interference in the 10 million raise at GOFUNDME , that has to rate a class action Law suit ? surely He will have what is call "Directors Insurance" are something like it . However that gets voided by unreasonable behavior. Gotta think that would be the case here . Furthermore some type of appeal process has to be an option . Yes it is only a Commission , not a court of Law , but can we appeal ?

  3. Trudeau outright lied !!
    I caught him in two lies here one being he is not afraid of us Canadians nor is his cabinet !!
    My answer is quite simply the fact being of the entire matter if such he stated he is not afraid of us then why as is it that he had called for the invocation of the Emergancies Act if he actually had no fear of us all !!!?????!!!
    and with those very thoughts in mind please mind his second stated lie as secondly as what he had dared say about feelings that as if he had for all the love ones who sat by the hospital bedsides when their own love one had died !!
    my answer for that what in fact proves such as is his obvious lie is that he himself held Canadian people back as from leaving the country to go see their own love ones in hospitals before they died !!!!!!!
    and as well here within Canada there been several documented videos about people having had to stare up from the outsides of hospitals through the windows while their own love ones died all alone because thier own love ones as were not permited to go inside hospitals
    especially those of us non vaxers !!!!!!!
    and that alone being a thoughtful reason enough in the very least as why Justin Trudeau totally makes me feel
    as so darn godawful sick to death of him !!!!!

  4. Hi Tom
    Your colleagues didn't just let you down
    They let Canada down.
    They let rights be converted to permissions. My guess is they can only live with themselves by believing in a lie despite the evidence. Not a good look for academics.
    Well I say thankyou
    For myself and for my kids and thank you Rebel News

  5. Corrouption from the top down – liberalism is a mental disorder – and …. trudeau is the mother of all shills for the socialist/communist/WEF re-set agenda. I want to know who he really answers to – he is a non-leader – total failure as a human being. Most despised person in Canada and abroad dare I say it. TRUDEAU MUST GO!

  6. Tom the "test" has resulted in MASS PSYCHOSIS – it's reminds me of how impossible it is to change a person's believe system after they have been conditioned and in this case – using "fear of death" has been tool used to mesmerize and hypnotize the masses. God help us! Thank you for your service and for your dedication to decency and freedom for your fellow citizens. 🙂

  7. He knows his globalist daddies, bankers and pharmaceutical industry who got him his position got his back. He is protected by ppl way too powerful behind the curtains. This won't even faze him. We are up against psychopaths and a psychopathic system.

  8. Glad to see people are starting to accept the consensus that govt took advantage of people! I wish other countries people would talk about it too, because it was a world-wide thing!

  9. This government is easily one of the most corrupt and despised in the world, Trudeau, Freeland and their ministers have repeatedly lied and try to paint anyone who stands up to their corruption extremists, Canadians must realize the damage these people have done to Canada's economy and their attempts to erode Canadians rights, they need to be voted out!

  10. What does he mean he felt for people that “… sat beside the bed of a loved one…?” Canadians were not allowed to “sit” beside loved ones! We did it through glass, over FaceTime, through phone calls, and sometimes not at all. He thinks more highly of himself and his mandates that he ought too. He wasn’t moved to compassion, he was moved to control and division. Our country is in a very dark place.

  11. Nuremberg II is the next venue if this hearing fails to bring at least a measure of justice
    All of Trudeau's obfuscations won't change the terms required to invoke the act
    The big loser will be faith in our justice system

  12. I would appreciante it if your videos included french subtitles for the Canadians who don't speak or understand english. I know a fair amount of peoples who would learn from your coverages.

  13. Trudeau says he just want to protect Canadians… maybe that's why his government brought MAID to kill thousands with the suicide assistance program… yeah, and I won't be surprised that after bringing the longest covid restrictions around the world and with the high mental and abuse drugs issues we have in this country, many will embrace this option like the only solution to their financial, social, mental or health problems that this government has just exacerbated… it's all part of an evil plan… I saw 2 people died in the last 2 weeks, one in his 40s for a drug abuse and depression and other one in his early 20s jumping from a 22nd floor… instead of helping the people that are struggling, let's just help them to die… what a nice government!!

  14. trudeau is an actor for sure but it takes a narcissist or sociopath to not feel and give the mechanical responses like he does . what is wrong with us that we allow filth like this to be in power

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