COWARD: Patton Oswalt Throws DAVE CHAPPELLE Under The Bus

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Comedian Patton Oswalt recently had to apologize on Twitter for the SIN of… taking a photo with Dave Chappelle. And despite his contrite Instagram post, of course the online mob is still shaming Patton for his affiliation.

Patton Oswalt Dave Chappelle Twitter Patton Oswalt Apology

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Written by Lauren Chen


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  1. Well he is an atheist…. the man don't believe in an afterlife, so who is really surprised that he would put his own friend underneath the bus just so he can appease his twitter over lords.

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  3. If ya’s didn’t act like trans flogs in the first place, he wouldn’t have had to post anything.
    You all started it with Dave for no reason months ago, because none of ya’s looked into any of it properly 🤣🤣🤮🤮

  4. I don't understand… Dave has many friends of different sexual orientations… what he doesn't support are these extreme weirdos that have infiltrated their movements and bring nothing but hatred and vitriol. His last comedy special he talked about his friend Daphne who was harassed by these such people and eventually lead her to commit suicide. Chapelle honestly seems like he'd be cool with anyone and I think a lot of people applaud him for having the courage to stand up to these extreme people.

  5. What a warm and wonderful person he is…when he’s not being a garbage human being. He exemplifies a lot of modern cultural insanity, and he’s clearly a tool. His entertainment value is deep in the negative now.

  6. I engaged with this because I get great joy from watching this colossal snowflake in Chappelle get knocked down several pegs. But it's disappointing that Oswalt came to this conclusion only after some backlash.
    And I'm not going to rehash this, but it needs to be understood. Dave is a proposed transphobe. He has made this understood, I don't know why less intelligent people try to give him an out just because he brought up being nice to one trans woman (after detailing violence to so many others) out of convenience. And also, I would define Trump derangement syndrome as literally bringing him up constantly when no one asked. This was supposed to be a post about two comedians, like Lady, what are you doing? But I digress.
    Anyway, I hope I don't now get videos of you on my feed just because of this one engagement. I don't censor myself, so I won't block you, but no more clickbait, please. Thank you!

  7. I don't get why so many of you struggling poor people have more sympathy for the mega millionaire than you do for the struggling comedian. Chappell doesn't give two dusty sundried crapps about any of this.

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