COWARDLY House Progressives Retract Letter Calling For Ukraine Negotiations

Merely 24 hours after submitting a mildly-worded letter calling for increased efforts at diplomacy over Ukraine, House Progressives retracted the letter, apologizing for the poor “timing” and blaming staffers for issuing the letter without approval from their Congressional bosses. Which is both cowardly and transparently implausible. So it’s confirmed — there is no such thing as an anti-war wing of the Democratic Party, at least not among elected representatives.

Guest host Aaron Maté ( and his panel of The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and America’s Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this epically craven backpedal from the already pathetically weak Congressional progressives, and how the door has now slammed shut on the possibility of ending this war any time in the near term.

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  1. "Progressive foreign policy project" is all the reason to vote against them. Look what their project got us into? And Ukraine has lost thousands of soldiers, most of them regular dudes pressed into service. The European countries economic crisis from the energy shortage, resulting from bad US policy–getting involved in Ukraine, sanctions. Every move was wrong. Wait til Biden runs our of oil reserves, nothing to replenish, hoping demand doesn't overtake supply until…

  2. I appreciate every one of you for the time you put in and the way you deliver your information, even though in a lot of areas we are on opposite ends. Still can't imagine an America that backs another useless war and Nazi's, that we had a lot to do with apparently to help out our elite friends that needed some Christmas change. Really do appreciate that most of this started with backing an old entitled white man that never did anything but live off the people, it's amazing how this can happen. It doesn't matter, at least you are willing to stand for the truth as much as you can find it, that is worth far more than any information given by any upside down, side-ways group. It is great to see Max, Aaron and Kurt in a conversation on this. Just can't imagine anyone believing that Putin and the Russians would allow this Obama/Biden subterfuge to go unchecked. That old story about finding the biggest bad boy in the room generally winds up with you getting a true ass whipping. Better to use common sense and take care of your own business, unless you are just into ass whippings.

  3. Ro Khanna's position is, " I plan to keep escalating the war by voting to send Nazis more and more weapons so they can continue to murder civilians. But we need to keep in contact with Russia so as not to escalate the war." Umm what? 🤔

  4. kurt was talking about patton oswalt using his first name only and forgot he wasnt talking to comedians and max thought he was talking about general patton lmao

  5. First of all you need to cover all of your bases virtue signaling at finest. They got free publicity and if wild Biden accidentally moves to current timeline from "cold war" era he might accidentally have warm fuzzy feelings about human suffering in Ukraine and perhaps his masters would let him go out to play with nasty Putin.
    So what went wrong in this letter? First of all old creepy Biden could be offended because peasants telling him what to do. Second thing Biden acts he does not think he tends to start wandering around so if he would go to Russia he might accidentally end up in China or North Korea. You never know he is wild one. Third point it seems like making sentences that peasants actually understand is beyond dignity of wild Biden so Putin might have difficulties of understanding wild Biden.
    So to avoid any bad outcomes retracting letter is masterful act of political charade at least it is now in news media they tried. This gives progressives free hands to support Ukraine. When crusade in Ukraine loses it's shine they have off ramp because of this act.

  6. This is the idealized version of this show, Kurp with the funny, Aaron with the calm rational intelligence and maxi with mostly coherent but slightly off base muttering, Jimmy is ,I assume getting his lifts refitted or at the learning annex figuring out how to run a video without the 10 second interval as per mandatory, without Mike McCrea he is useless

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