CPI Explodes Higher!! Numbers Just Released

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  1. Someone explain why the yield for the long end becomes lower than the short end in times of uncertainty? Surely, the higher yield is better no matter what. I dont understand the yield curve inverting.

  2. 7.05 I got you pizza and fries even before I heard you laughing at yourself for buying 1 year treasuries. Isn't that funny!

    It is always good to have a laugh at yourself. I do that all the time. Some people complain when I do that, but if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at eh?

    I always go for junk food when I'm up against it, so pizza and fries all the way 😆

  3. 15.45

    Yes I always see I made wrong decisions with hindsight, so your comment about markets making a fool out of the biggest number of people rings true for me too.

    If I picked what looks like a wrong answer, I would probably have a greater likelihoodof being right. Funny that.

    If we do the opposite of what is popular perhaps that contrarian manner will assist us more than reasoned logic in this topsy-turvy world 🤸‍♂️

  4. We are entering a feedback loop of ever rising prices. Industry rises prices to cover rising commodity cost, inflation rises because prices rise, FED rises interest rates to “fight” inflation, industry cost go up as interest goes up on their loans, people want more money to survive, markets go down as economy goes down, industry loses equity as Markets go down putting pressure on running costs, dollar goes up as faith in economy goes down causing more costs to industry etc etc etc. Everyone shit scared of how far will this go. Is this all part of the plan for the great reset? Riots happening in Argentina, Sri Lanka, Bulkins states and spreading faster. WWIII started in February and our great “leaders” doing everything they can to escalate this conflict to move the narrative away from their incompetence. Yes we live in interesting time indeed. 🤫

  5. If you do nothing, you never make anyone that does anything will make mistakes.

    Also the road to success is littered with failures.

    Scientists happen on new discoveries often by accident too.

    Most of my wins came out of trying for something else and being presented with new opportunities that came up on the road to something else. A right comedy of errors.

  6. It’s still easy money. Inflation on real state is over 20% and climbing. Get a loan for 5% get paid over 20% . The higher they raise the higher the inflation. They have to get over the actual inflation rate of 20% . Or it’s a cost to drive inflation higher.

  7. 27.37

    Yes the media have collapsed in trrms of giving out news George.

    Just today Luis at the real great supreme news showed us FAA cameras across America are off. No one can see what is coming into America? It normally shows flights coming in I think.

    And nuclear event preparation exercises in Texas were conducted while the US was complicit in making military strikes inside Russia! Apparently America sent not only the weapons used for the strike but provided the intel on location for the hit to be made.

    I am glad you're in Colombia. I am in Costa Rica..still not far enough away lol

  8. Milton Friedman said that inflation was a monetary phenomena. What would that look like when $10+ Trillion from the Fed and Congress finally makes its way into the broader economy?

  9. The cpi lags. Oil off by 20 percent, ag commodities off by more. Cpi will be lower next month. This is likely the near term peak, provided commodities don't explode higher in the next month

  10. George, don't get too myopic. The explanation for the longer bonds not going up as quickly? There is a different kind of demand for the longer term bonds. All of this is counter-intuitive of course, but, buying longer term bonds locks in gains, excluding supposed future inflation. But, as it works out, inflation is not as important a factor in determining financial gain as it is commonly perceived. How so? Simple. Most people do not have the money to buy long term bonds. Buyers of long term bonds are beating those people hands down, in the financial race. On top of that, again, most people, who come into the kind of money necessary to consider buying long term bonds, blow it on some pie-in-the-sky BS investment that craps out a loss, if it doesn't rob you of everything you put into their hands. And again, buyers of long term bonds are way-way ahead of those people too. On June 23, 2022, I bought 5 year treasury notes at auction, and got an interest rate of 3.25% I'm thrilled. Why? Because for the next five years I am assured of 3.25% on that money being deposited semi-annually, right into my checking account. I did not spend much of what I could have put into those 5 year notes, but, I locked that money in at that rate. I am hoping to see 4% in the next round, maybe even higher. If everything ends up going Paul Volcker, will I still be buying. Hell, YES! Work out how fast money literally doubles at 15% I'll be buying 30 year bonds at that rate, and I am 72. Do the math, George.

  11. What we facing is like going to the dentist. You know the experience is at best going to be nasty, but if you are really unlucky, it could be awful, painful, and expensive. Well, this is what the Fed is facing. I would advise them hit hard and deep and get this over with. i.e., to go for !:25 points!

  12. Georgy, the cpi is higher but all commodities have begun their sell off for the entire last month.. so from a charting TA analysis.. this was the peak for inflation in the short term future. I’m getting long tech now, for a bear market rally. It pays to be ahead of the move when it comes to charting analysis.

  13. Greetings from Brazil… it's great to hear your point of view, and your macroeconomics insights on the American and global economy… congratulations for the channel and good work my man

  14. Question Inflation is up however we have disinflation going on (AMZN and tgt selling excess inventory for deep discounts) so august cpi could say inflation peaked but it really didn't then in August if ppl keep losing jobs and interest rates is up then what happens cuz inflation never went down

  15. What is the Fed going to do when they realize that uping interest rates only wrecks the markets because the current inflation is caused by supply shocks that we are doing nothing to fix

  16. Common citizens of the USSR came to understand that their media talking heads were lying on behalf of their government, but only when their mouths were moving. Nonetheless, they couldn't ignore what was said, because they knew it would be acted upon as if it were the truth. The US citizenry is well on its way to the same dark reality and is fast developing its own Pravda.

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