Crabs Have Started MELTING, Oceans Have Become So DISGUSTING Animals LITERALLY Melt

In today’s edition of ‘horrible things happening in the world,’ we learn that Dungeness crab shells are melting from the rising acidification on the Pacific Ocean, and discuss some other issues facing marine life.

Written by Timcast IRL


  1. I guess you better think about getting less rich so that you can keep getting rich off crabs. Cash crabs. Seriously just bomb the entire planet and let us start over again maybe it will turn out better.

  2. A lot of marine life in the Pacific dying. From small shellfish, 2 starfish, and marinethe only common denominator I haven't noticed, is that it all started about a year after Fukushima. But I'm sure there's no connection. Right?

  3. If evaporation pulls the majority of the rain that covers the earth from the ocean leaving the salt(brine) like the one group doing desalinization doesn't sound crazy in comparison. Also when people drink the water it would eventually go back to the ocean. I didn't see melting data, the article didn't include ph or other finding that I could verify.

  4. worst thing that comes to mind about this subject is the Emotionally incompetent journos of CNN Screeching about an issue that is actually important and demand full control over everything but we see their planes full of bs gender stuff and very little to do with the environment and no competent plan to do so just stupid demands that legitimize the issue.
    ~"Fire! the theater is on fire! Give me your social security numbers and all your car keys!"
    -How will that solve the fire?
    ~"Science Denier! Racist! Nazi!"
    Illegitimate fools playing us all for worse

  5. C'mon dude, this is media clickbait.
    Amazing how you know the media are total fake news.
    Yet keep falling for it because you don't know about the science.
    These 'journalists' aren't honestly reporting on anything.

  6. What happened to fact checking? There aren't any melting crabs and actual adding CO2 6 times as high made them grow 6 times as big and very healthy, and not make the water acidic!